Daily Recaps



March 1992

(Week of 11th. March, 1996 in Brisbane)

Instead of giving Victor his birthday present of a micro tape recorder, Victoria uses it to tape Nikki’s admission that she would like to see Victor on his birthday.


(Week of 25th. March, 1996)

When Paul gets new information from the weather bureau, there is speculation about whether Sheila could be telling the truth.  Nikki informs Victor she is on the way to a full recovery and they end up in each other’s arms.


(Week of 1st. April, 1996 in Brisbane)

Sheila and the baby Scott go to surprise dad at the lab but catch him in an embrace with Lauren.  Nikki believes that Ryan might be telling Victoria he loves her just to get favours, but Victoria is adamant that Ryan would not do that.

April 1992

(Week of 22nd. April, 1996 in Brisbane)

Ryan loses the girl but keeps the job when he dumps Victoria after Victor tells him he must break up with Victoria if he wants to keep working at Jabot.

Dru steams up the lens at her first photo shoot for Jabot, which also steams up Jill, who is not impressed.


(Week of 29th. April, 1996 in Brisbane)

Victoria and Ryan continue their romance behind Victor’s back and Dru’s modeling star continues to rise.  Brad and Lauren flirt over drinks but Brad resists her invitation of a nightcap.  Traci’s confidence soars when Steve admires her writing.


(Week of 6th. May, 1996 in Brisbane)

Olivia wakes up in hospital unsure about what has happened to her, but Dr. Sundell assures her she is still pregnant.

            Victor is still trying to convince Victoria that Ryan is not the man for her.

 May 1992

(Week of 13th. May, 1996 in Brisbane)

Lauren asks Sheila why she has kidnapped her and Sheila tells her to keep probing.

            When Cricket refuses Michael’s sexual overtones she suddenly finds she is no longer being considered for a partnership with the firm.


(Episode Number ?/ unknown date)


     Molly is upset when Shelia brings Lauren inside with her hands tied up and mouth taped up.  Molly manages to say that this is another of Sheila's tricks.  Sheila says to her mother that she wanted to see Lauren and here she is.  Sheila wonders what in the world was so important that her mother needed to tell Lauren.  Sheila forces Lauren to sit down while she gets cups of tea.  Lauren runs to the door and opens it but Sheila fires the pistol in the air and orders Lauren to come back, saying that there isn't another house around for miles anyway and that she'd have to fend off wild animals.  Lauren comes back and Sheila makes her sit down again.  Molly tries to tell Lauren what Sheila did but only can manage a few words- Sheila tells her that this stress isn't good for her and that she's only regressing.  Sheila sarcastically says what a beautiful television set Lauren gave her mother and "oh how you have enjoyed it, haven't you momma?" She then points the pistol at Lauren, then at the TV and shoots straight through it!  Molly cries out in shock.

    Lynn comes in after Scott has left and asks how everything went.  Paul said that Scott related how Sheila said she wants to turn over a new leaf where Lauren is concerned.  She regrets having made the comment about Lauren's dead baby.  Lynn is dubious about this and says that Sheila strikes her as a very "off the wall" person and says that if she were in Scott's shoes, she would take whatever Sheila says or does with a grain of salt.  Victor later calls Paul and tells him to tell Lauren that if she schedules a meeting with Victor Newman that she had better damn well be there.  Paul says to Lynn how strange it is that Lauren calls his office cancelling an appointment that they never had and forgets to cancel a meeting with Victor which she did have.

    Victoria is sitting by herself at the Ranch deep in thought- Nikki comes in and asks what's wrong.  Victoria says it's nothing- she wouldn't understand.  Victoria tells her how Victor arranged a date for her with a guy named Brandon Collins.  Nikki says he's from a nice family- she knows his parents.  Victoria says it's humiliating that her father has to dig up dates for her like she's some kind of social lepor.  Nikki understands but says Victor is only doing it because he loves her and wants her to be happy and not sit around the house brooding all the time.  Victoria says she wishes Nikki could tell him to back off.  Nikki says this makes her wonder whether she is still seeing Ryan.  Vicky gets changed.  When Brandon arrives, he says how his mother says she's a pretty neat lady.  Vicky comes down and Brandon says how good she looks.  He suggests they could go to the movies- Vicky goes along with this- Brandon asks Nikki if there's any time he should have Vicky home by- Nikki says just to use his own good judgment.  After they leave, Nikki says to Miguel that she thinks Brandon is a very nice young man.  Miguel agrees.

    Ryan and Nina come back from the HIV clinic to Ryan's flat.  Nina says they're finally home- Ryan jokes that usually when people go to an HIV clinic that they have an appointment.  Nina says it did at least give them a chance to spend some time together.  Ryan says that he guesses they can't be too careful when starting a sexual relationship with a new partner.  Nina asks him how many girlfriends he's had, when he started dating and how many of these girls he slept with.  Ryan then asks her about her past and she tells him she's been married twice and both husbands died in accidents.  Nina thinks Ryan would find this strange but he says it sounds like she's led an interesting life.

    Jack sees Traci outside his office and they talk.  He asks how things are going and she says she's making a lot of progress on the book and her baby is growing "like a weed".  Jack says that this wasn't what he meant- he was asking about her marriage.  Traci says she's reluctant to make waves with Brad- Jacks thinks that "Junior" could do with a bit of "shaking up" where she's concerned.  Jack told Victor's receptionist that he would like to see Victor now he's out of his meeting and will make it a surprise.  Traci asks when Jack is going to let go of all this animosity towards Victor Newman.  Jack says not to tell Ashley this, but the day he stops hating Victor Newman is the day they can cart him away.  He plans to get back what is rightfully theirs (ie Jabot).  Traci nods seriously.  Jack said he didn't think Victor was one of her favouirte people either.  Traci agrees and said she still has a lot of questions for him about how his marriage to Ashley stands.  She says she hopes Jack shares her hopes that things work out there.  Jack says he wanted both his sisters to be happy. 

   Jack pops in to see Victor who says he hopes this is important.  Jack tells him how he signed Nicholas up for Little League and that Nicholas is a natural born athlete.  Victor tells Jack that he should have consulted him about this and that any decisions affecting his son's future affect him.  Jack says that Victor can't expect to be consulted when he's never around.  Victor can't understand why Nikki agreed to this.

    Michael shows Christine a layout of a new office.  Christine asks what's wrong with his office the way it is now- Michael explains that this is an office for her, with all the modern conveniences.  Christine can't understand why he's giving her an office when her job offer has been rescinded by the partner of the firm.  Michael says that they need to get back the chemistry they had during the trial and that all she needs to do is say the word and he will put in a good word for her.

(Episode Number?/ Unknown date, some time in May 1992)

Sheila points the pistol at Lauren, then shoots the TV set.  Sheila was going to use a knife to remove the tape on Lauren's face but then decides to tear it off, saying "oh I'm sorry, did that hurt Lauren?"  Lauren goes over to Molly on the couch and tells her that someone knows where she is.  Sheila tells Molly not to believe her- she was with Lauren right up until she left her apartment and she knows Lauren didn't call anyone- she told Molly that Lauren's probably just trying to get Molly's hopes up as well as her own hopes.  Molly asks Sheila why she's doing this and Molly says she asks way too many questions- "there are so many reasons why, Momma!"

Katherine pays Jill a visit at the office.  Jill asks her what she's doing here and she says "can't an old friend pay a visit every once in a while?" Jill replied, "an old friend, yes, but what are you doing here?" Katherine says she's been thinking about Jill's situation with John.  Jill says that thanks to Katherine's surprise dinner party the other night, there is no situation.  Katherine says that she and Rex were only trying to be thoughtful in inviting her.  They didn't think she'd be silly enough to invite her own escort (Blade).  Jill says she's not going to suffer through another one of her domestic parties alone.  Jill says that she saw the look of embarrassment on John's face when he came through the door.  Katherine said that he was jealous, not embarrassed.  Jill then realises that maybe Blade was right- she tells Katherine how she went back to Blade's studio after the party for a night cap.  Katherine cheekily asked "and tell me, how does Blade like his eggs in the morning?"  Jill says that Blade was merely comforting her- he offered to make John jealous for her.  She said that Blade has a mysterious quality which she finds very attractive.  Jill says she's so tired of waiting for John, so tired of dating and wondering whether the next man she dates is going to be the one, the man she grows old with and spends the rest of her life with.  Katherine tells Jill that she just has to be patient.  She tells Jill how she went through a deep depression for ten years, then finally found Rex.  Katherine says to Jill that she needs to take charge of her life.  Jill begs her to tell her the answer to get over her loneliness.  Katherine said to Jill that she needs to be reminded every so often what a remarkable woman she is.  She remembers how she walked into a beauty salon and found Jill at age 18 and how she was much more in control then than now.  Whatever Jill wanted then, she got- Jill even took Katherine's husband.

Blade visits Ashley and shows her the photos which he took of her- he tells Ashley that she's very photogenic, but she says he's a very good photographer.



(Week of 20th. May, 1996 in Brisbane)

Lauren wants to know if Sheila switched the babies in the hospital and Sheila finally admits that it is true.  But things then get dangerously out of control at the farmhouse.

            When Cricket is called in to the office by Michael on her day off, she wants to know what he really wants.


(Week of 27th. May, 1996 in Brisbane)

When Nina catches her mum talking to a guy on a hot phone line, she demands to know what is going on.

            Cricket refuses to take her imminent sacking lying down and she decided she will sure for sexual harassment if she is fired.


June 1992

(Week of 3rd. June, 1996 in Brisbane)

Cricket is warned that her fight against sexual harassment could get dirty but she is willing to go the distance.  Just when Ryan plans to call Nina to tell her it is all over, she turns up on the doorstep and Ryan has to change his tune.


(Week of 10th. June, 1996 in Brisbane)

Victor is ill in hospital and Nikki believes Jack had something to do with his collapse.  Ryan has trouble when he invites both Vicki and Nina to his graduation and they both accept.


(Week of 17th. June, 1996 in Brisbane)

Nina and Ryan get it on in his apartment while a crying Victoria watches from his closet.  The law firm makes Cricket a peace offering.


(Week of 24th. June, 1996 in Brisbane)

Nina and Ryan grow closer together with the news of his promotion.  Jill flirts with Blade during a photographic session for Jabot and Cricket begins her revenge plan against Michael.


(Week of 1st. July, 1996 in Brisbane)

Cricket accepts the new offer at the law firm but she has plans of catching Michael out and taking him to court.

            Nina and Vicki finally meet while Vicki is leaving Ryan’s place and the two agree to meet.

(Week of 8th. July, 1996 in Brisbane)

Cricket apologises for over-reacting to Michael, who wants to know the real reason she’s returning to the law firm.

Monday 15th. to Friday 19th. July, 1996 (Brisbane)

Victoria tells Ryan if they marry he may run Newman Enterprises one day.  He tells her to be realistic- she is underage and, besides, what about Victor? Victor asks Ryan about his personal life and after Ryan pulls out Nina's picture and tells him it's not a casual affair, Victor assumes they are getting married.

Monday 22nd. to Friday 26th. July, 1996 (Brisbane)

Nina invites Ryan to go to Danny's concert but he hesitates because of the awkward situation with Victoria.  Meanwhile, Brandon tells Victoria he is looking forward to going with her to Danny's concert, much to her dismay.

Rex tries to persuade Cricket to reconcile with Danny, while Michael and Randall agree that Danny and Cricket could be plotting something against Michael.

Ryan agrees to go to the concert with Nina, who promises him a night to remember, but afterwards, when she invites him to her place, he declines, and she begins to wonder.

(Week of 29th. July, 1996 in Brisbane)

Victor checks on Nikki and she assures him that she is fine and not lonely.  They approach Victoria and ask her if there is something they should know.  She gives nothing away.  Instead, Victoria gives Ryan an ultimatum to decide on his priorities – his job or her.  She wants to get married straight away.

(Week of 5th. August, 1996 in Brisbane)

Ryan and Victoria get married and a nervous Victoria is carried over the threshold by Ryan, who tries to calm her.

Brad and Ashley agree to date on the condition he doesn’t talk about Traci and she doesn’t discuss Victor.  Brad tries to kiss her but she declines.

August 1992

(Week of 12th. August, 1996)

Ryan is trying to tell Nina of his feelings and his new circumstances, but is finding it extremely difficult, especially as Nina thinks he’s going to propose marriage. He decided to leave it as is.

Victor asks Victoria if she thinks Nikki still loves him.  Victoria won’t commit herself.  Meanwhile, Nikki is at the ranch thinking of Victor.

Mary continues to question Lauren’s “business” with Paul and insinuates that Lauren wants Paul to be her baby’s new stepfather.

(Week of 19th. August, 1996)

Victor wants to remarry Nikki but Ashley tells Nikki to think twice before she commits herself a second time.  She reminds Nikki of Jack’s continuing support and begs her not to let Victor control them all.  Meanwhile, Ashley tells Brad she has filed for divorce from Victor. 

Thursday 6th. August, 1992

Kay tricks Carol into sending all the guests for Johns party to her
place instead of Jill's. When Jill finds out she trashes the party.


Friday 7th August 1992

Michael makes a pass on Cricket. Lauren and Paul talk about her custody fight for Scotty. Nina is excited about her upcoming wedding to Ryan but she isn’t aware that Ryan already is married.

Monday 10th August 1992

Victoria tells Ryan that Nina can’t know that they are married.

Tuesday 11th August 1992

Victor visits Nikki. Scott goes to confront Paul when Lauren is there. Drucilla returns home from vacation. Jill warns Dru about making any more mistakes or she will go straight to John.

Wednesday 12th August 1992

Nikki tells the children that Victor and she might get back together. Traci tells Ashley she thinks the reason why she is divorcing Victor is because of Brad. Ashley tells her she doesn’t think going away with Steve will help her marriage with Brad.
Traci and the baby leave with Steve, emotional goodbye to Brad.

Thursday 13th August 1992

Neil and Drucilla discuss what date they will get married on.  Blade and Jill having dinner getting interrupted with they finding out Drucilla is in the nude centerfold in the magazine.Jill is furious with Drucilla for double crossing her and wants fire her.  Jill shows the photo to John. Victoria goes to Ryan and they make love for the first time.



September 1992

(Week of 9th. September, 1996)

Nikki can’t believe she has forgotten Victoria’s birthday, but she has had a lot on her mind, not the least being her current pregnancy to Jack and her upcoming marriage to Victor.  She is brought to tears when Victor asks if she has an aversion to having any more children.

(Week of 16th. September, 1996)

Ryan and Victoria are having problems in their marital bed.  Victoria finds sex difficult and Ryan finds the whole thing puzzling and frustrating.

Nikki cannot go through with the abortion and tells Victor she will not remarry him.  Not knowing the reason behind her refusal, he makes plans to change her mind.

Brad wakes up in Ashley’s hotel suite hung over and tries to find out from her whether they made love the night before.  She smiles and says no, and then leaves for work.

(Week of 23rd. September, 1996 in Brisbane)

Victor is in a state of shock when Nikki tells him she is going back to Jack.  He tells her if she walks out now, it will be for good.

Jill tells Ryan (secretly married to Victoria) it is time he married Nina.  He feels trapped.  Victoria goes to Nina for advice on sex.  Nina says she has never had any problems with Ryan, as he is the best in bed.  She tells Victoria to fake it and just as she is giving a demonstration on how to do it, Ryan and the others walk in.  Meanwhile, John and Jill decide to be more honest with each other.

(Week of 30th. September, 1996 in Brisbane)

Olivia is pressured into having the baby early because of her condition.  She has a tough time during induced labour and everyone is really worried.  Dru is upset after overhearing her mother, Lillie Bell, say she wished it could have been Dru instead of Olivia.

Brad wants to court Ashley but she tells him she is at the point of her life where she doesn’t want to be committed to one man.  He won’t take no for an answer and kisses her.

Nikki and Jack discuss their relationship and to Nikki’s surprise, Jack asks Nikki if she would like to have another child.  Little does he know she is already pregnant.

(Week of 7th. October, 1996 in Brisbane)

Brandon tells Victoria she can get out her marriage to Ryan, but Victoria insists that everything is fine.  Nina knows about the marriage, but still wants Ryan.  She goes to Brandon with a plan, and when he declines to help, she tells him about Victoria’s sexual problems.

Olivia and Nathan are deliriously happy with their newborn son, but Dru feels alone and unloved.  Neil tells Dru she is special, but she has deeply hurt the people who love her by posing nude in a magazine.  Dru apologises to Neil, who embraces her but says he needs time to get over it.

October 1992

(Week of 14th. October, 1996 in Brisbane)

Victor confronts Nikki about her pregnancy and asks her why she did not abort the child.  A teary-eyed Nikki admits to Victor she is carrying Jack’s child.  But will Victor still want Nikki if she keeps the baby?

Ryan tells Victoria she must see a therapist as he can’t go on living without sex.  Brad confesses to Ashley that he is sick of waiting for Traci to make up her mind about marriage.

(Week of 21st. October, 1996 in Brisbane)

Jill admits to Rex that she has feelings for Victor, which she hopes will eventually lead to marriage.  Until then, she will keep John dangling.  Rex reminds her what happened the last time she did that.  Meanwhile, she plans to get to the heart of the matter by cooking a sumptuous meal for Victor.

Victoria goes to see a therapist about her sex problem and is told it’s not her fault.  The doctor charges her $100, which she has to borrow from her father.  He, in turn, hires Paul to follow Victoria to find out if there is a young man in her life and who he is.

Nikki phones Victor and asks to see him.











apr 08 1992 Lauren is getting close to the truth about Sheila.
apr 09 1992
apr 10 1992
apr 13 1992 Lauren learns that Scotty is indeed Scotts son.