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February 1993


(Week of 3rd. March, 1997 in Brisbane)

Vicki and Ryan visit sex therapist Dr. Levinson, who suggests Vicki move back home for a while to evaluate the situation.  Ryan agrees because he can’t keep lying beside her in bed and not satisfy his yearning for her.  Nina sees this as her advantage point.


(Week of 5th. May, 1997 in Brisbane)

Just as Mitchell takes Brad and Traci’s divorce decree to the bench, Brad bursts into the courtroom and tells him to wait.  Brad begs the judge to let him speak to Traci privately.  Kay offers to go to the Caribbean with John.


Thursday 13th. May, 1993

Blade and Ashley are out dining and dancing when Kim approaches
Blade and says he looks familiar. He tells her he never has seen her. Jack learns about Nikkis fall and that Victor was involved.  Jack meets Susan and the baby.

Friday 14th. May, 1993

Jack confronts Nikki. Very emotional stuff with Jack and Nikki.  Jack on his way to confront Victor. Celebration for Victor at the office. Ashley, Jill, Brad, John give him a present.

Monday 17th. May, 1993 

Neil and Dru on their romantic honey in the carribean.Jack confronts Victor. Stephanie calls Lauren from LA and tells Sheila did got married with Eric afterall. Lauren tells Brad about Sheila.  Brad tells Lauren she should forget about Sheila because he knows Sheila will screw up her own life.Jack goes after Victor with a sword.

Friday 19th. November, 1993 
Lauren in deep sorrow over Scotts death. Katherine assures Nikki that Hope and Victor only are friends.Paul deals with the funural arrangment for Scott. Nikki asks Victor to join for thanksgiving.  Jill finds John passed out.

Monday 22nd. November, 1993
Jill goes to Jack and Ashley to talk about Jack. Paul takes care of April and tells her not to return to her abusive husband.

Tuesday 23rd. November, 1993
Jill begs Ashley to help her to get John to calm down before he will get a heart attack. Jack meets Hope for the first time and he likes her.

Wednesday 24th. November, 1993
Olivia is worried about her mom who is missing. Brad visits Lauren who is still struggling with the loss of Scott, she tells him about Catalina and Sheila being there. Nikki goes to visit Hope and asks her about her relationship with Victor.

Thursday 25th. November, 1993
Nina tells Cricket she thinks she knows who her father is. The search for Olivia's mom is on. Olivia gets a call from the police that a dead woman is found.

Friday 26th. November, 1993
Olivia brings Dru to the morage to see if the body is Lily. Jack tells Victor he wants his father and Ashley reinstaded in Jabot.  Hope gets flowers delievered(from nikki).The body wasnt Lily and Olivia and Dru are relieved but still worried.
Thursday 9th. December, 1993

Paul admits to Cricket he is in love with her and he kisses her.  Coles mother dies and he finds a note from her with SSI written on it that she wrote desperatly before she died. Nikki confronts Victoria.

dec 12 1993 Cole talks to Victor that its strange his mother died when she was
            getting better. Cole tells Victoria about the note
dec 13 1993 Victor confronts Nikki about her relationship to Cole.
dec 14 1993

Wednesday 15th. December, 1993
Mamie and Drucilla asks Jill if Lilybell can stay in the house but she declines. Funeral for Cole's mother. Nikki wonders why Victoria brought Ryan there. Blade gives Ashley a Christmas tree

December 1993 (Soap Opera Update: 11th. January, 1994)

“I know that inviting the man with the scar to spend the holidays with my family was risky: but I’m desperate to learn if he’s my father.”

Traci informs Brad that she will be marrying Steve on Christmas Eve, making it impossible for Brad to spend the holidays with Colleen.  Lauren is there to comfort Brad.

            Worried about Heather’s safety, April returns home, where Robert remains suspicious about her whereabouts.

            Christine declines Paul’s invitation to spend Christmas in Aspen.  Although he confesses his feelings for her, they agree to remain friends.  Christine’s plans to surprise Danny in New York over Christmas are thwarted when Danny calls, asking her to give him some time to sort out his hectic life.

            Nikki acknowledges to Victor that Cole dedicated his book to her.  When he quizzes her about the nature of her relationship with Cole, Nikki counters by asking him about his involvement with Hope.  After speaking with Douglas, Nikki concludes that Victor is being kind to Hope out of a sense of gratitude.

            Victoria and Cole rush to the hospital where they find that Eve’s condition has improved, although her throat is sore making it difficult to speak.  A short time later, however, Eve’s heart gives out, but she manages to write the letters S-I-S on a piece of paper before she dies.  A devastated Cole is confused by the note.  Although grieved, Cole promises to marry Victoria after the funeral, positive that his mother would approve.

            Hope’s plans for a romantic evening with Victor are interrupted when Victor receives an urgent call about Eve’s condition.  When Nikki makes it clear to Hope that Victor would rather spend the holidays with his family than her, Hope heads back to Kansas, leaving Victor a note.  A baffled Victor follows her to Kansas, where he learns that Hope feels that Victor never showed her that he cared for her.  Victor suspects that Nikki said something to upset Hope.  He tells Hope that he was showing restraint, not wanting to take advantage of her, and that his life is incomplete without her.  They share a kiss.

            Meanwhile, Nikki is upset that Victor will not be with their family on the holidays and that Hope will be returning with Victor.

            Startled by the concern she felt for her mother when she was missing, Dru invites Lillie to stay with her and Neil.  Lillie declines, saying that she’s not ready for that step.

            Blade and Ashley set a February 14 wedding date.




31st. December, 1993 (from Soap Opera Digest: 15th. February, 1994)

             John and Jill Abbott threw an elegant New Year’s Eve bash at the Colonnade Room.  The guest list included Cricket and Paul, Jack and Nikki, Blade and Ashley, Brad and Lauren.  Even Mamie, the Abbott housekeeper, received a pass to leave the kitchen and quaff champagne.

            The party scenes provided viewers with a tantalizing preview for 1994.  Jack and Nikki are going to find each other, you see Cricket with Paul.  Kay talks to Jill about having a truce and Jill says “no way”.