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Soap Opera Digest: Tuesday 25th. January – 1st. February, 1994


Victor Reveals the Truth to Cole

Cole and Victoria rent a car and embark on a short honeymoon trip.  Victoria is hopeful that her parents will accept her marriage once they witness her happiness.  She and Cole believe that Victor will welcome Cole into the family.

            Jack comforts a heartsick Nikki and makes a case to reenter her life.  Nikki begs for time and space. 

            Meanwhile, Victor tries in vain to contact Cole to reveal that Victor is his father.  Fearful that Victor will overreact to Victoria’s marriage if it’s kept secret, Nikki calls and breaks the news.  Victor is stunned.


Dru is Dogged

            Lillie Bell is again confronted by her family about moving in with Dru and Neil.  She tearfully insists that she’s not ready to make the move.  Not only are Olivia and Nathan hurt, but Dru has been rejected again by her sick mother.


Marital Blues

            Rex confronts Cricket about seeing her with Paul on New Year’s Eve.  He fears that she is closing the door on her marriage.  Cricket says he should be talking to his son.  She agrees to give Danny time, but refuses to put her life on hold.

            Worried that April’s been out of touch, Paul calls her.  She assures him that the holidays were perfect.  Overhearing, Robert accuses April of having an affair, and beats her.  When a contrite Robert leaves to buy flowers, April sneaks off to Mary’s.


Name Game

            Nina is thrilled when the mystery man shows up at the apartment.  Ryan arrives and is furious that Nina would let a stranger into their house.  Cricket advises Nina to learn more about the man- if he’s not her dad, she should move on.  Nina agrees.


Father Figure

            Jill panics when John implore her to remarry should something happen to him.  He doesn’t want Billy to grow up without a father figure.  Jill questions Ashley and Blade, who assure her that John is in good health.


Daddy Dearest

            Cole and Victoria make their way home, stopping to shop at a flea market and resting at a romantic bed and breakfast inn.  Cole surprises Victoria with a variety of foreign foods.

            Meanwhile, Victor confronts Nikki about their daughter’s sudden marriage.  Nikki pleads innocent, but an angry Victor accuses her of negligence.  With John Silva in tow, Victor jets to Las Vegas, hoping to stop the farce of a marriage before too much harm is done.  Nikki cannot understand Victor’s reaction.  After all, he did seem to take a shine to the new ranchhand.

            Victor and John track the kids to the wedding chapel, the wedding night hotel and a rental car agency, but then the trail runs cold.  They return home to wait it out.  Victor tells no one about the newlywed’s true relationship.


Home Sweet Home

            Victoria and Cole arrive home to a cool reception from Nikki, who accuses her daughter of stealing her man.  Cut to the quick by her mother’s words, Victoria retreats to the tack room to sulk.

            Cole bears the brunt of Victor’s wrath when he attempts to break the news to his new father-in-law.  Cole is confused by Victor’s negative reaction and demands an explanation.  Victor informs Cole that he is Cole’s father.  Cole refuses to believe Victor and thinks that this is another ploy to control Victoria’s life.  But when Victor relays the events that brought them together, Cole realizes the truth.  He screams at Victor to keep away from Victoria, his wife.


Sheila’s At It Again

            Lauren is furious when Scotty receives an anonymous birthday gift with an L.A. postmark.  Although Brad begs her to ignore it, Lauren is determined to blow the whistle on Sheila once and for all.  She suspects that Brad is afraid that Sheila will sell the X-rated photos of them to the tabloids, but Lauren would risk all to protect her son from his kidnapper.


Close, But No Cigar

            At Cricket’s urging, Nina approaches the man at the diner and learns that his name is Jed Saunders, not Rick Sedgewick.  Not about to drop her search, Nina invited him to Flo’s place for lunch, hoping that an encounter between the two will reveal the “truth”.  Unfortunately, Flo takes ill and goes to bed to nurse her cold.  Nina explains to Jed that she wanted him to meet her mother, but they’ll have to take a rain check.

            Paul comforts a bruised April as she hides out at Mary’s house.  Even after being battered, April wonders if she made the right decision in leaving Robert.


Butt Out!

            Determined to inject herself into Ashley and Blade’s wedding, Jill hires a wedding consultant.  The strange consultant proves to be offensive to everyone, so Jill agrees to back off.



4th July

Katherine sets off fireworks by inviting John, Jill and Jed to her July Fourth party.  After seeing Victoria and Ryan's rapport during Vicki's party, Nina announced her pregnancy.  Chris found an angry Keemo and told him what had happened when Luan left him behind.  When Chris told him about his mother's condition and her wish to be reunited with him, Keemo agreed to come to America.  He and Luan had a tearful reunion.  Victor agreed to give Jack an open-ended contract after Jack promised to keep in check his animosity towards Victor.  As Hope planned to tell Victor she wants to start as family, Nikki paid her a visit and advised her not to have children with him because it would only hinder her new marriage.  Bard refused Lauren's offer to move in with her; he hird a private nurse to care for him instead.  Ryan was in awe when Nina showed him a sonongram of their baby.  Niiki couldn't put Victor behind her.

11th July

Victoria walks out on Cole after she tells him she has found that he and her mother were lovers.  Cole tries to convince her that his relationship with Nikki ended when he realised he was in love with Victoria, but Victoria does not want to listen.  She argues that he, not Nikki, should have told her about their involvement.  Victoria goes to the coffeehouse to get her thought together.  She decided to set up a meeting with Glen Franklin, a magazine publisher she met at Gina's a few weeks earlier.  Glen takes test shots of a swimsuit-clad Victoria and later calls her with the news that the photos are wonderful.  Victoria does begin to have second thoughts about posing for the magazie centrefold, and she reconsiders her decision to leave Cole.  Instead, she visits Ryan.  Victoria doesn't tell Ryan what's going on, but alludes to a betrayal of trust, calling what happened "gross".  But their private converstaion, during which Victoria gives Ryan the address and phone number of the cheap motel where she's staying, turns out not to be altogether private. 


Week of 5th. September, 1994

Danny finally worked up the courage to face Chris.  He explained to her that he had ended their marriage because of a casual affair with another woman, which resulted in pregnancy.  The woman threatened to publicise her condition, and he didn’t want to embarrass Chris.  His story didn’t change Chris’ animosity towards him; she ordered him to leave after he told her he now has a son.  Mari Jo wondered about Jack’s past after he gave her a cryptic response as to why Jill wasn’t enthusiastic about their engagement.  When Jack turned the conversation to her background, Mari Jo distracted him by suggesting they elope.  Olivia recalled Dru’s tale of the hallucination she had about making love with Neil when he was away on business; she remembered she had sent Malcolm to check on Dru that day, and became suspicious, so she went to talk to him.  Furious about Victoria’s nude spread, Victor bought Esprit de Corps and fired Glen and Alec.  Ryan showed Victoria the layout.  Victoria comforted Nikki after Nikki told her Jack is engaged. *

Week of 12th. September, 1994

Chris reassures Paul.  Jack has his suspicions but believes that he is mistaken.  Ashley discovers some surprising information.  Malcolm fesses up.  A confused Drucilla tries to get answers, but instead gets bad news.  Mamie refuses to give up.  Jill has a plan that should make things go her way.  Nina is hurt by what she thinks Ryan is hiding.  Victoria can’t understand why everyone is so upset, and blames her actions on Nikki.  Hope has good news for Victor.  Sharon has a plan, but so does Amy.

Next Week: Ashley wants some answers.  Dru has second thoughts. *

October 1994 (from Soap World)

1st.-10th. April, 1998 in Sydney

Ryan takes the bait

Victoria visits Ryan at his office complaining about her flagging sex life with Cole. She hasn’t made love to Cole since he found out about the centrefold. Remembering his marriage to Vicki, Ryan can’t help but wonder whether they’d still be married if Victoria had been as sexually uninhibited as she is now.  He offers to talk to Cole on Victoria’s behalf but she doesn’t want to arouse suspicion in Cole that they may be more than just friends. 

Nina spills the beans

Meanwhile, after dreaming that Ryan finds out about the baby and angrily lashes out at her, Nina decides to tell him the truth. Shaken up by the dream she expects that Ryan won’t forgive her for keeping the news from him. But much to Nina’s surprise and relief, Ryan is sympathetic and only regrets that he hadn’t been there to support his wife in her grief. 

Chris goes Vietnamese

Chris introduces Keemo to a typical American dinner.   When Keemo notices Paul entering the apartment, he invites Chris to a typically Vietnamese dinner, hoping that Paul will recognise that he too, is in the race for Chris’ heart.            Meanwhile Chris is being pursued by Danny. When he spots Chris and Paul dancing at Gina’s and notices that Chris is wearing an engagement ring, he vows to win her back.

Brad chases Ashley

Beset by marital problems of her own, Ashley tells Brad that Blade has been untruthful. He let her befriend Mari Jo without mentioning she was once Blade’s lover. Saddened by Ashley’s news, Brad threatens Blade, saying he regrets not marrying Ashley himself. 

Jack’s flashback

Jack is served tea in his army mess kit cup when he visits Luan for a romantic dinner. He explains that he tried desperately to trace her after his letters came back to him “return to sender” and tells Luan that he never wants to lose her again.

Victoria says au revoir

Fed up by her husband’s disinterest, Victoria packs her bags and threatens to leave him.  Cole insists that running away won’t change anything, but Victoria says she can’t stay with a man who continues to berate her like a child. Cole retaliates by making love to his wife, having forgotten, for the time being anyway, that their marriage is in trouble.


13th.-17th. April, 1998 in Sydney


War of the Abbotts

Jill and John prepare to slug it out in court. Jill claims divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty while John serves papers accusing Jill of adultery with a “John Doe”. She is advised by Silva to live the life of a hermit as John will no doubt have her under surveillance in the hope of finding evidence of her philandering. Kay offers to be friend Jill but she does this only to pass on useful information to John.

Nick goes all the way

While Sharon slinks into a sexy frock for her date with Nick, Doris fears that he’ll take advantage of her daughter.  Sharon assures her mother that Nick isn’t like her last boyfriend who left her pregnant at the age of 16.  But Sharon is unable to ignore her mother’s warning and when Nick tries to seduce her at the stables, she gets cold feet and asks to be taken home.  The next day at the coffee-house, Sharon is devastated to hear Amy boasting to her about her night of passion with Nick. 

Hope goes walk about

Hope is reminded of her vulnerability when she is terrorized and mugged by two thugs after wandering into an unknown neighbourhood. She is saved by policemen patrolling the area, but returns home defeated. She tells Victor that she will terminate the pregnancy. 

Round one to Jill

In the courtroom, John and Jill hurl accusations at one another. At the end of it, Jill is grant-ed temporary custody of Billy.   Meanwhile, Kay approaches Jill as part of a ploy to win her friendship. But Jill isn’t fooled and sends her away. Later Silva advises Jill that Kay may prove an invaluable ally when the judge calls for someone to testify to her parenting skills.  Jill is troubled by a subpoena served on Jed which could reveal all about her affair. 

Ryan lends an ear

Ryan is visited by Victoria who again confides in him about her ongoing marital problems.  She also tells Ryan that she regrets ever giving him up.   Later when Victoria learns that Nina miscarried, she’s left pondering whether Ryan’s marriage will survive the loss of the baby. Meanwhile, Chris tries to ease Nina’s worry that without the baby her marriage is over.


20th.-24th. April, 1998 in Sydney


Jed’s confession

Jeds lawyer warns him that he races jail if his deposition is falsified. With Silva and John’s lawyer Sherman present, Jed agrees to a deposition in which he confesses to having had sexual relations with Jill in the Abbott home. He adds that nothing would have happened if Jill and John’s marriage was going well. 

A call for help

Victor asks Nikki what she would do in Hope’s situation.  She avoids a direct response but makes it known that she would not want to continue a pregnancy if her child was to encounter lifelong problems.  Meanwhile, Hope receives a phone call from Cliff who tells her he is engaged to a local girl.  He detects from the tone of Hope’s voice that all is not well. 

Meet the new Abbott

Jack invites the Abbotts to meet Luan over dinner. They hear the story of their reunion and the evening ends with Jack confessing that he hasn’t known another love like that shared between him and Luan in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Keemo gets suspicious of Jack’s intentions towards his mother.  When Jack arrives to see Luan, Keemo greets him with a left hook.

Malcolm surprises Dru

Dru gets nervous when Malcolm joins Neil and the Hastings for dinner. She makes several references to Neil’s baby and tries to divert attention away from baby talk to Malcolm’s search for a girlfriend. 

Danny Licks his wounds

Chris gets an unexpected visit from Danny’s lover Phyllis.  Danny learns of this and tries to explain to her that his involvement with Phyllis was a mistake. But Chris doesn’t believe him and reminds Danny that he has a responsibility to his son.  Danny kisses Chris and reveals that he’s never stopped loving her but he backs away altogether when she tells him that she’ll soon be marrying Paul. 

A Friend in need

Jill defends herself to John who’s heard about the deposition. She says that because he was impotent she had to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere.  When Jill threatens to go public with news of John’s impotence he tells Ashley that he could kill her. Overhearing the threat, Jill goes straight to Silva who drafts a petition as evidence of John’s cruelty. But without any friends to testify in her favour, Silva warns Jill that she may lose the fight for Billy. 


27th. April to 1st. May, 1998 in Sydney


Chris reminisces

Danny blurts out the reasons why he divorced Chris. He admits his infidelity, his now rocky marriage to Phyllis and that he still loves Chris. After he leaves, Lauren phones Chris to let her know that Danny still loves her. Chris laments her happy moments with Danny.

Hope takes a stand

Hope receives a call from her old flame, Cliff. When Victor finds out about the call he asks Hope why she didn’t mention it to him. She says that he only phoned to tell her that he’s going to be married. After visit-ing Nikki, to ask about Victor’s views on the baby, Hope returns to tell him she’s going to keep the baby.

Kay exposes Jed

While Nikki entertains Jed at the ranch, she receives a call from Kay who tells her about Jill and Jed’s affair. Nikki is horrified and orders Jed to leave.

The Look of Love

Sharon tells her mother that someone like Nick could never care for “white trash” like her.  Doris defends her daughter saying the Nick is a spoiled playboy who uses women. Later Nick, Amy, Sharon and Mall meet at the coffeehouse. Nick and Sharon pretend to ignore each other but there’s no denying that the attraction is still there. 

Victoria plays big sis

Victoria offers some sisterly advice and tells Nick that Sharon will never forgive him for sleeping with Amy and that he should just concentrate on Amy instead. But Nick isn’t so sure he can forget Sharon.

Jack’s a proud dad

A distraught Mai tells Chris that Luan learned that Jack is engaged and has plans to sell the restaurant and move out of Genoa City. Chris rushes to Jack’s office and tells him that Luan is leaving and that she has a son who is about to turn 22.  Jack finds Luan packing her bags and she tells him that she is leaving with her son. Jack questions Luan about Keemo and she tells him that he’s the father. Jack is overjoyed and Luan agrees to introduce them.