Daily Recaps


Week of Tuesday 3rd. January, 1995

Jill recalls some useful information.  Malcolm and Dru have it out.  Malcolm finally figures out why Dru's been so cold and distant recently.  He realises that she has remembered what happened the night she overdosed on flu medication and made love with him, thinking he was her husband, Neil.  Malcolm also figures out that he might be the father of Dru's baby.  Malcolm apologises and explains he truly believed she knew it was him, not Neil.  Dru tells Malcolm she will have a paternity test to prove the baby is Neil's, although Malcolm objects because he doesn't want to come between his brother and his wife.  Neil interrupts Malcolm and Dru's confrontattion, but still doens't pick up on what's really going on.  Malcolm covers by saying that Dru thinks he's hanging around the apartment too much, and then leaves.  Dru corrborates the story, saying her pregnancy has made her emtional and she needs time alone with her husband. 

Phyllis feigns concern.  Chris keeps vigil with Mary, who keeps her animosity silent.  Luan gives up.  Jack's depression affects his work, so he decides to get away; Mari Jo is quick to follow.  Ashley, Blade and Brad have the same idea.  Rick is watching from the wings.  Brad is suspicious.  Hope doesn't resist Cliff's advances.  Victor and Hope keep secrets.  Nikki gets a kiss.  Matt brags.  Amy and Nick are early birds.  Sharon alienates herself, but Nick is still hopeful.


Friday 20th January, 1995



Jack is talking to Victor like they're old friends and not mortal enemies.  Jack apologizes for the abrupt way he left work - his life was falling apart.  Victor is concerned.   Jack says not to worry. He's got it all figured out and he'll be getting married soon.  Victor begins to tell Jack what a

lucky man he is for marrying Mary Jo.  Jack corrects him and tells him of Laun.  Victor can see how much this means to Jack and wishes him the best.


Mary Jo is working hard when Laun comes into her office unannounced. Laun wants a few words with her.  She is seething at the way Mary Jo manipulated the situation between the three of them to get what she wants.  She held their friendship in the highest regard while Mary Jo stooped to such low levels to try and get Jack to to mary her, knowing all along that Jack wasn't that interested.

Laun's rage builds and she explodes in a torrent of words that leaves Mary Jo not knowing what to say.  As Laun tries to leave she almost faints.  Mary Jo tries to find out what is wrong but Laun won't admit to anything being wrong.  Outside Mary Jo's office, Laun uses the secretary's desk phone to call her doctor. He suggests an ambulance but Laun will make it there on her own.

Mary Jo overhears and uses the phone book to find out all she can about this doctor.


Gina's Apartment


Danny tells Gina of his last visit to the hospital. He learned that Cricket had gone home and went into see Paul.  He doesn't know why, but Paul asked him to go see Cricket.  Paul told him that she would need someone to talk to.  Gina and Danny speculate on the cause of

this sudden turn of events.  It doesn't matter to Danny, he will be there for Cricket no matter what the circumstances.



Abbot Mansion


The phone rings and John finds it's a wrong number.  Jill accuses him of snatching the phone so she can't answer it.  This starts another argument but before it can go too far, the phone rings again.  It turns out to be John Silva for Jill and John S. won't divulge the nature of his call to John A.  When Jill gets on the phone, John tells her she needs to firm up her character witnesses.  They will be going to court soon.  Jill hangs up worried, but excited about the prospect of

things being settled.  She wants to borrow $20 but John won't give it to her.  This starts to escalate with John getting more and more upset. Maime steps in and calms things down, giving Jill $20.


After Jill leaves, John and Maime begin to talk.  After the divorce, John wants to take the baby away and Maime thinks this is a good idea. John lets her know that she's expected to come along.  She is part of the family.  He begins to talk of her relationship with him and the kids.  She's been there through thick and thin and he's coming to realize how much she means to him.  John reaches out and embraces Maime.  He pulls back and then places a gentle kiss on her lips,

thinks about it and then kisses her again in a way that leaves no room for doubt that John is attracted to her.  He leaves Maime standing there with the most incredulous look on her face.


Chez Cricket


Mary comes by griping.  Paul won't accept any phone calls.  She's upset that she didn't get invited to the wedding.  Mary hardly gives Cricket time to answer but finally she gets the word that the wedding didn't happen.  She assures Cricket that it's for the best, barely concealing

the fact that she's overjoyed about this turn of events.  Cricket tells her she intends to find out what happened.  

After Mary leaves, Danny shows up.  He explains how he came to find out about her situation.  Cricket cries a little and Danny supports her.  Cricket is going to find out what happened.




Mary arrives in Paul's room and he's not happy.  He tries to get her to leave.  Mary is deaf to his pleas.  Again, Mary can barely contain her delight in Paul calling off the marriage.  Finally, she leaves after letting Paul know he's made the right choice.


La Studiousa Nina :-)


Nina answers her door to find Jill.  More than mildly surprised, Nina lets her in.  Jill doesn't tell her the real reason for her visit until a few minutes of idle conversation and even then, she tries to mask it with grandmotherly concern.  Nina is quick to figure things out and the two soon lock horns over the court appearance. Nina doesn't agree to go, but does ask when it will be. 




February 1995

(3rd. August to 7th. August, 1998 in Sydney)

Nick suspects Victor of dishonesty

Nick finds a phone message referring to Doris' operation on his father's desk.  He confronts Victor who admits that he paid for the surgery and explains why Sharon didn't want him to know.  Victor tells Nikki he regrets concealing truths from his son, fearing he may have lost Nick's trust.  Nikki still maintains that Sharon is only after Nick for his money.  Sharon continues to remain silent about the rape even though Dr. Randall urges her to go to the police.  Later, Nick finally admits to Amy that he's still in love with Sharon.  But Amy isn't so willing to frogive Nick, saying he used her sexually and forced her to break her commitment to saving herself for marriage.  In retaliation, Amy accepts Matt's date despite Sharon's warning that he is dangerous.  Matt fumes as he overhears Sharon advising Amy.

Paul keeps Chris at bay

Chris confides to Nina why Paul refuses to marry her.  Paul believes he cannot make Chris happy unless he can love her completely.  Detective Morgan asks Chris to identify some forest green paint chips recovered at the site of the accident, but Chris is unable to remember anything from the accident.  Danny is with Chris and pries her for information about Paul's reasons for not marrying her, but Chris keeps mum.  She goes to Paul reassuring him that she still wants to marry him but they begin to argue.  Mary then turns on Chris asking her to comply with Paul's wishes to leave him alone.  Meanwhile, Danny asks Phyllis for a divorce.  She refuses but offers him the chance to live with her and little Danny for up to four months after which she will honour his wishes for a divorce - if he still wants one.  Danny turns to Chris for advice.

Brad warns Ashley

Ashley tells Jack that she is unable to explain the changes in Blade.  Reflecting on his own love life, he assures her that a man can change out of love.  Brad is stunned to hear that Mari Jo was with Jack and not Blade at St. Thomas.  He hurries to tell Ashley, warning her not to be too trusting just the same, but she is so taken with the new Blade she ignores Brad's advice.

(10th.- 14th. August, 1998 in Sydney)

Luan charms Victor

Victor calls Jack and Luan's romance an "unfathomable mystery" pondering on how a couple could remain in love after a 20 year separation.  But when Jack introduces his bride-to-be to Victor he is made to put his skepticism to rest.  Luan charms him by saying that a man of commerce like Victor would have trouble understanding matters of the heart.  Jack make amends with Mari Jo, admitting that she meant a great deal to him and hopes that some day she'll be able to forgive him.  Mari Jo contends that she would have been a better choice for him than Luan.

Mari Jo backs Rick

Ashley reminds Mari Jo to keep her hands off Blade.  Mari Jo pieces together that Rick has assumed Blade's identity- something which Rick later confirms- and swears Mari Jo to secrecy.  Rick returns to the Abbott hoem with fresh flowers for Ashley but she is reluctant to let go of her suspicions, until Rick disrobes and seduces Ashley.  When Victor hears of the new Blade, he cautions Ashley to trust her instincts, remembering how closely she came to a divorce.  Meanwhile, Mari Jo looks on enviously as Rick assumes the role of Ashley's loving husband.

Nikki makes amends

Nick tells his mum he's broken up with Amy and is seeing Sharon and if she cannot accept his decision he will consider moving in with Victor and Hope.  Nikki agrees to give Sharon a chance, inviting her to dinner.  When Victor hears the news, he tells Nikki she should drop her unfounded prejudices.  This moves her to tell Victor about her clash with Jack to which he advises her to apologise and attend the wedding.  Nikki apologises to Jack, claiming she has trouble keeping up with his fiancees.  When Jack tells her about his son, Keemo, she becomes emtional remembering the son they lost.  He comforts her by saying that, apart from Luan, there is no one more special to him than Nikki.  She admits that losing Jack may have been the biggest mistake of her life.



(17th. to 21st. August, 1998 in Sydney)

John’s courtroom showdown

            John testifies that he was a faithful husband, but Jill was an adulterous wife.  Jill is shocked when Silva does not dispute this charge, but instead argues that this does not reflect on Jill’s ability to raise a child.  John counters by claiming that Jill was a neglectful mother during her affair with Jed.  But Silva forces John to admit that it was he who did not want Billy because he felt it would be difficult for a man of his age to raise an infant.  Silva concludes that it would be inconsistent with John’s earlier admission for him to want to raise Billy, when he’s older and less healthy than when the child was conceived.  On the witness stand, Jill gives a convincing testimony.  She reiterates how John Abbott was initially against the idea of her having a baby.  She even considered an abortion but couldn’t go through with it and John then rejected her and the unborn child.

The big day arrives

            Traci Abbott arrives in town for her brother’s wedding.  Brad is upset to hear that Colleen has a mild cold and did not make the trip.  Traci is quick to point out that Brad has not been adhering to his visitation schedule and informs him that she, Steve and Colleen will be moving to France.  Lauren encourages Brad to investigate his legal rights.  Meanwhile, a melancholy Nikki asks Kay to attend the wedding with her.  On the day, Ashley tells Traci her marriage is better than ever, but when Traci greets Rick he hesitates, unaware of who she is.  Nikki thanks Victor for helping her find the perspective to accept Jack’s marriage while Keemo and Chris share a dance.  But before the honeymoon, Luan must sign a paternity certificate to confirm that Jack is actually Keemo’s father.

(24th. to 31st. August, 1998 in Sydney)

Lauren and Sheila Reunite

            Brad keeps Lauren posted on Traci’s maneuvers even though Lauren maintains Traci is obstructing Brad’s ability to be a good father by taking Colleen to France.  Lauren mentions a call she received from Sheila asking her to keep quiet should anyone make inquiries about her past.  Lauren recalls her deathbed promise to Scott not to expose Sheila, when she receives a call from Dr. James Warwick in L.A.  He wants to discuss Sheila, his patient, with Lauren personally.  Lauren agrees to see him when she arrives in L.A. soon.

Rick buys Ashley love

Rick almost gets caught out when Ashley talks about their earlier days together.  He distracts her with a passionate kiss and when a jewellery store sales assistant suggests he purchase the bracelet to match the necklace he bought his wife last time, Rick is caught in a bind all over again.  Ashley says she’d like to give him something in return but he charms his way out of this one too, saying the only thing he wants from his wife is a baby.

Sharon’s new man welcome

            Amy tells Sharon Matt’s version of the night he raped her.  She believes that Sharon wanted sex but then freaked out afterwards and cried rape.  Shocked that Amy won’t see her side, Sharon makes the decision to report the rape.  At the coffeehouse, Sharon confronts Matt threatening to take the matter to the police, just as Nick walks in wanting to know why they’re arguing.  Meanwhile, Victoria warns her mother to be civil to Sharon who’s been invited over to the Ranch for dinner.  She adds that Sharon isn’t necessarily a gold-digger and reminds her mother that she had nothing more than a g-string on when she married Victor. *

Week of Monday 10th. April, 1995

Victor told Nikki all about the differences between him and Hope; he then went to Kansas, where he learned Hope and the baby would be OK.  Hope was uncomfortable around Victor, so he decided to return home and let her stay in Kansas; soon after he left, she went into labour, and called Cliff.  Hope goes into labour and for most of the week, the situation is touch-and-go.  Equally tenuous is the state of Hope and Victor's marriage, particularly since Victor's isn't there for Hope when she's giving birth.  While she's in labour, Victor takes Nikki out for a romantic dinner.  Nikki is hopeful that something is going to happen between them during the dinner.  Also working against Hope and Victor is Cliff, though not intentionally.  Hope is grateful that he is there for her during labour, yet Cliff doesn't take advantage of the situation.  He admits to Douglas that he always wanted Hope to be his wife, but that he won't interfere in her marriage.  Nikki, however, hs been interfering, although Victor bursts her bubble during dinner when he announces that he's going to Kansas, and that he believes he should be with Hope.  Is Victor over Nikki?

Sasha saw Chris at Gina's and confirmed that she was the woman Danny talked to in New York.  Nick and Sharon were elected campus king and queen.  Silva comforted Jill after John seemed to get upset about her plans not to divorce him.  Mamie saw Dru and Olivia's plea on TV, and later showed up at Neil and Dru's.  Jack turned down Mari Jo's resignation.  Mary Jo offered an apology to wary Luan for manipulating and deceiving her.

Week of Monday 17th. April, 1995

Hope goes into labour, and Victor isn't there for her- but Cliff is.  Matt is bitter over losing, and plots revenge.  Sharon is haunted by her past.  John refers to Mamie as the housekeeper.  Keemo is making progress at Jabot.  Jill is elated by what John remembers.  Victoria impresses Brad.  Mari Jo tries to get more information on Luan's health.  Phyllis dreams of killing Christine.

Week of Monday 24th. April, 1995

Hope remains distant.  Dru does a good deed for Malcolm.

April/ May 1995

(2nd.-6th. November, 1998 in Sydney)


Matt on the rampage

Losing the couple’s contest has left Matt green with envy. Amy asks Sharon’s advice on how to keep him from doing something desperate. Sharon warns Amy again about Matt although it doesn’t seem to stick. Matt digs for information about Sharon’s past and asks Amy what she knows.

Paranoia fills Phyllis

Phyllis mulls over Danny’s meeting with Chris in New York.  Not even Sasha can convince Phyllis it was accidental.  Paul believes Danny’s meeting with Chris was all part of a plot to destroy his relationship with Phyllis. Angry that Paul doesn’t trust her, Chris decides to investigate. 

Unmistakable identities

At Gina’s, Chris recognises the face of the woman from New York in a photograph up on the board.  Gina remembers the woman insisting on a seat at the bar, the night Chris and Danny were having dinner - prob-ably to give herself a clear view of their table.

Jill turns nurse

Jill remains at John’s bedside hoping to erase any memory of their divorce proceedings.  She arranges his stay at a secluded rehabilitation clinic.  Jack sees through Jill’s Florence Nightingale performance and vows to stop her.


Stolen Kisses and Chicken Livers

Cole is infuriated by Victoria’s attitude to Jerri and turns down her invitation for dinner. Victoria goes to see Brad. She flirts with Brad who senses not all is well with her marriage.  But when she asks for a kiss, he refuses.  Meanwhile, Cole praises Jerri’s writing as she cooks some chicken livers.  Jerri admits she lied about her fiancé. He tells her she’s a special lady before a Victoria returns to see her chicken livers gone and Jerri kissing Cole. 

A new Newman

As Victor cradles his newborn son, he confides to Douglas that he wants his marriage to work.  He hides his jealousy when Hope praises Cliff for helping to deliver the baby.  Victor’s plans for returning to Genoa with his new son are thwarted when Hope says she won’t be returning to the city.  Although she loves him dearly, Hope shocks everyone by insist-ing she raise her son on a farm.  Victor is dumb-struck and does the only thing he can do, he leaves.

 (9th.-13th. November, 1998 in Sydney)

Hope calls Kansas home

Hope stands by her decision to stay in Kansas, news Cliff couldn’t be happier to hear.       Douglas is surprised by Victor’s willingness to oblige Hope. Victor explains he hasn’t given up on his marriage and is willing to wait for his wife.  He has renewed faith in their marriage when Hope names the boy, Victor.    Meanwhile, Victoria and Nicholas are a little resentful about sharing their father with Victor Jr. Nicholas confesses to Sharon that he even feels hurt about having to share his inheritance.  Learning that their step brother has been named after their father is an even bigger blow to Nicholas and Victoria who wonder how they can possibly compete with a newborn for Victor’s scant affection.

New York Connection

Evermore suspicious of the connection between the woman in the photograph and Phyllis, Chris snoops around Phyllis’ apartment.      She comes across a torn up photograph of herself and the baby from the christening and asks Phyllis why it was in the trash. When Phyllis leaves the room, Chris finds a phone bill with two New York numbers.            She recruits a New York lawyer and friend, Brent Alexander, to investigate addresses for the phone numbers.

Stolen baby

Ryan is alarmed when Nina gives no explanation for her recent depression.  Nina opens up to Chris that this is the day her first child was born and then stolen by Rose de Ville who sold her.  Ryan can’t believe the story and fears Nina may be hiding other past secrets from him.

John goes missing

Jack tries to ban Jill from visiting his father, but Dr Campbell says this could stall John’s recovery.  Dr Campbell predicts that John will regain all his memory in the future. This worries Jill, it’s the last thing she wants.  Jill smuggles John into a private clinic and convinces Dr Campbell to approve John’s move.        Panicked by John and Billy’s disappearance, Jack hires Paul to track down his father.


(16th.-30th. November, 1998 in Sydney)

 Chris plays sleuth

Phyllis phones Sasha after she receives a letter from her urging her to give up obsessing over Chris.  She tells Sasha to mind her mouth - she doesn’t want anyone to know she exists.  Chris and Paul stakeout Phyllis’ apartment while Chris phones one of the New York numbers.  A woman answers, the Lab’.  Meanwhile, they notice a woman leaving Phyllis’ apartment - the same woman Chris saw in the New York restaurant and at Gina’s. 

Nikki vs. Hope

Nikki flies to Kansas to see for herself what state Victor’s marriage is in.    She arrives and accuses Hope of being an unloving wife. In turn Hope charges Nikki with still being in love with Victor.       The catfight mellows once Nikki holds the baby. She advises Hope to get herself and the baby on the first plane back to Genoa.  When Victor learns of Nikki’s trip he becomes incensed. She claims she was only looking out for him and asks him straight out whether he really wants to save his marriage. He loses his tem-per and Nikki cries. Realising he’s hurt his ex-wife, Victor tries to comfort her with a hug.

Victoria’s Brash move

Brad criticises Victoria for ignoring procedure for tests on Brash & Sassy. She defends her decision in front of her father who advises her to learn from more experienced colleagues. 

Cole stays loyal

Cole is forced to spend another night with Jerri while away on business.  Jerri suggests they go out for dinner, but Cole insists on staying in and calling Victoria at home.         He telephones Victoria to say he’ll be working alone but later that evening Victoria phones back and after hearing Jerri answer the phone she hangs up. Jerri attempts to seduce Cole but he turns her down.   Back at the tack room, a sexily clad Victoria answers the door to Brad. She suggests that Cole is still away and that they could take advantage of his absence. She kisses him and he doesn’t resist.


(23rd.-30th. November, 1998 in Sydney)

Two faced Jill

Jack continues to try to warn John about Jill’s duplicity. Although he’s back home, he still doesn’t recognise Mamie as anything more than the loyal housekeeper.  But then he experiences some strange flashbacks involving Mamie.  Racing against time and the chance John may regain his memory sooner than later, Jill instructs Mitchell to drop the divorce proceedings.

Lauren’s dirty dancing

Lauren is still puzzled that Chris and Paul have not yet married.  She has a theory and decides to stage a test. She invites Paul to dance with her, making sensuous body movements knowing Paul will find it hard to resist her. But when he doesn’t respond, Lauren realises his injuries are far more serious than anyone could have fathomed.

Victoria strays

Brad teases Victoria about her drunken state the other night.  Later Brad is warned by Victor that his daughter must abide by company procedure and not look to him to back her decisions.  Meanwhile, Victoria admits to her mum that she no longer trusts Cole.  Fishing for attention, Victoria asks Ryan whether he’s ever questioned their divorce.  He is uncomfortable with the question and comments that they are both better off with their current relationships. Later, however, he begins to feel he and Nina are drifting apart.

‘Til jealousy us do part

Cole returns to hear Victoria accuse him of lying to her about working alone.  He admits that Jerri came onto him but that he resisted.  Hurt, Victoria goes to Brad’s house to spend the night there, but he sends her back to her husband. At home, Cole tries to convince her they still have a marriage worth fighting for.

Lies, Lies and More Lies

Luan invites Man Jo to dine with her and Jack.  She asks John Silva to be her date and to parade as her lover for the night.  Lies are all part of Matt’s game too as he persuades the clerk at Central High to forward him another copy of the yearbook.  At the ranch, Sharon hides behind a white lie when Nick assumes she’s a virgin. Worried what he might think if he learns that she isn’t, she doesn’t try to correct him.

May/ June 1995

(7th.-11th. December, 1998 in Sydney)

Jill is Cruisin’

Ashley is concerned that her father, John will have a relapse if he hears the truth about Jill - that she is not the loving wife she’s made herself out to be.  Jack agrees and decides to get a psychiatrist’s opinion before he tells their father anything.       

Jill overhears Jack talking and quickly resolves to get John out of the country by going on a cruise. He agrees but still seems confused - calling Jill, Mamie and then giving Mamie the impression that he and she will be the ones taking the holiday. 

Who is Nikki’s new man?

Hope assures Victor she loves him, but she will not return to Genoa City.  He says he doesn’t see how their marriage can continue with them living in different places like this.  He goes back home and decides to ask Nikki out to dinner but she refuses because she has a date, although she doesn’t mention it is with Brad.       Her evening goes well, canoodling with Brad in the swimming pool, until Victor drops by unexpectedly.  Luckily he doesn’t see Brad and accuses Nikki of not having a date at all. When he tells her about the situation with Hope, she is stunned. When Victoria hears the        news, she encourages her        mother to push for a reconciliation.  But Nikki says she has given up on Victor. Victoria realises it may be because Brad is on the scene and she goes to see him.

Matt torments Sharon

Doris warns Sharon against having sex too early with Nick.  Her daughter assures her that she won’t make the same mistake twice.  Victor takes the liberty of giving Nick that same advice, but Nick says Sharon is still a virgin and would like to wait for the right man. Later, when he pledges his love to Sharon by the poolside, it is evident that Nick Newman believes he IS that man. Matt, however, is keen to ruin their relationship but he wants some fun first.  He calls a baby photographer and arranges for him to take photos of Sharon and her baby.  Sharon’s shaken when the photographer turns up.

 (14th.-18th. December, 1998 in Sydney)

Dru has her baby

Dru tells Olivia that she still thinks of Malcolm sometimes.  Before they can finish their conversation, Dru goes into pre-mature labour and is rushed to hospital. She has to have an emergency Caesarian. Neil nearly misses the birth because he is stuck in traffic. Malcolm, meanwhile, goes to the hospital chapel and prays for both Dru and the baby.     His prayers are answered when they are both declared healthy, and baby Lily is introduced to her father and uncle -but which is which?

Phyllis Plays Ill

Phyllis is ill and Danny offers to stay at home, but she insists he goes to rehearsal. Later, Joanie finds Phyllis collapsed on the floor.  Danny comes home and looks after her, but he is still not sure if it is an act or not.       Phyllis is genuinely sick but she decides to lay it on thick so Danny will continue to be the loving husband. Danny asks Chris to go around and help her with Danny Jnr while he is out.  When he gets back, Phyllis tells him she is getting to know Chris better and can see why he loved her so much. But he can fall in love like that again if only he would let himself.  Later, Phyllis’s old boyfriend, Brian, turns up and says he knows she was two timing him.  He asks to see her son but she refuses.            Meanwhile, Paul is running a computer check on Phyllis and finds out that she once worked for a company which specialized in DNA testing.

Worlds apart

Hope tells Victor she is having their baby Christened and she wants him to be there. Victor says, seeing as he wasn’t involved in the decision making, he isn’t sure if he can attend.  Later, he agrees to go after Hope apologises for not including him in the plans. After the Christening, Victor and Hope admit they live in two different worlds.

Mamie fights back

The doctor advises Jack and Ashley not to give John any unwarranted shocks as it could hamper his recovery.  Jill, meanwhile, is bragging to Kay about her impending luxury cruise. Kay says it is just a glorified kidnapping.           Mamie is upset when she hears the news, and decides it is about time John was reminded of the cruise he and she had planned before his stroke.

 (21st.-25th. December, 1998 in Sydney)

 Sharon identifies the enemy

Matt is busy cutting baby photos out of magazines and secretly hiding them in Sharon’s books.  When she finds them, she is distraught but won’t tell her mother what is wrong.  Doris finds the crumpled up pictures and calls Nick to come around as Sharon is very upset.      When he arrives, Sharon tells him she has doubts that she is the right one for him. He says that he is certain she IS the one and he is prepared to wait for her no matter what happens. Sharon, however, is obviously not convinced he would if he found out that she had a baby.  Later, Matt continues his little game by arranging for a nappy service to deliver to Sharon’s house.  The name on the order form is Frank Barritt - Sharon’s old boyfriend.      She rushes back to her old town and accuses him of tormenting her.         He denies it, but says a man did question him recently about their relationship. Sharon realises it was Matt.  Nick is upset that Sharon left Genoa without telling him.        She apologises and they begin to make love, but Nick pulls away saying he knows she wants the first time to be really special. 

The end of Sheila?

Lauren visits Brad and tells him about her adventures in LA at the hands of Sheila Carter.  She and the entire Forrester clan were held at gun-point by a crazed Sheila who said she was going to kill Stephanie.  When she realized she would have to shoot everyone in the room first, she poisoned herself and died.  Lauren says all she feels now is pity for Sheila and her sad life.

(28th. December, 1998 – 1st. January, 1999 in Sydney)

Chris is on the case

Chris asks Danny for the name of the clinic where he got his paternity test done. She says it is for a friend, but Danny suspects it is really about him and Danny Jr. The clinic is the same place that Phyllis worked, Chris suggests to Danny that it is quite a coincidence.  Phyllis is getting worried.  She tells Sasha to alter the computer records so they read the same as Danny’s results on paper.

Keemo is not keen on Mari Jo

Mari Jo is still desperate to know what is going on with Luan. She goes to see Luan’s doctor and tries to break into the patient files.  When she’s caught, she claims she just wants the truth so she can befriend Luan.  Keemo questions how Jack and his mother can still trust Mari Jo after all the terrible things she has done.  When Mari Jo arrives with a present for Luan, Keemo pretends to warm to her. He tells Jack that it is best to keep your enemies close. 

John questions the past

Jill is preparing to leave on the cruise. Meanwhile, Mamie is trying to shake John’s memory about their relationship. A confused John asks Mitchell Sherman, his lawyer, about the divorce. Mitchell tells him how John was accusing Jill of adultery. But when John questions Jill about it, she says he was impotent and it caused problems but that they were working them out.

Victor gets jealous

Victor is trying to get to the bottom of Nikki’s new lover. He asks Nick to keep an eye out and tell him the name of the mystery man.  Brad seems to be falling heavily for Nikki and she confides in him about her alcohol problem.      Victor asks Victoria to tell him who Nikki is seeing, but his daughter says it is his own fault if he loses her mother’s love. She is sick of waiting for him to realise they should be together.  Nick asks his father if Sharon can start work at Jabot. He thinks it is a good idea and tells Victoria to find a place for her.


Episode 5,641: Monday 26th. June, 1995

Jack and Luan reunification.  Keemo accepts Jack. 



Week of Monday 21st. August, 1995

Lauren told Paul she'll be waiting if things don't work out with Chris.  Kay was delighted about Mamie taking the money from Jill and offered to help her invest it.  John threatened to make Jill pay if she had a hand in Mamie's departure.  Cliff didn't understand Hope's concern for Nick.  Sharon told her side of the story about the night Matt was shot.  Victor and Nikki learned of Nick's aborted wedding plans.  Victoria demanded that Cole replace Jeri as his editor; he agreed-for now.  Chris confessed to Nina that she's in love with Danny and Paul; later, she accepted Paul's dinner invitation instead of Danny's.  Joani, the nanny, gave Phyllis tranquilisers to calm down; she took them all on Friday after Danny told her he wants a divorce.

Week of Monday 28th. August, 1995

Nathan ticks off Keesha.  Mamie gets a new look and says goddbye to John.  Paul and Chris make headway.  Just as Danny finishes telling Phyllis their marriage is dead, she collapses and is rushed to hospital.  When she wakes up, she claims she has no recollection of her conversation with him, but really knows what happened.  While Phyllis is laid up in the hospital, Danny goes to his ex-wife and begs her to wait until he's free before she makes any decisions about her future.  He tells Christine he loves her, then kisses her.  Now that the four-month trial period is over for Phyllis and Danny's marriage, Phyllis seems to be at the end of her rope.

Matt flashes back to the night he was shot, and sees an image of the person who left him for dead.  The only thing he can make out is the figure of a woman, which would clear Nick.  Before Matt can say anything about what really happened that night, however, Victor comes to him and, thinking Matt is unconscious, tells the boy that Nick has been arrested for the shooting and that Matt must come around so everyone will know the truth.  After Victor leaves, Matt wakes up with a sinister smirk on his face- and then names Nick as his assailant.  During Nick's bail hearing, Detective Bob Adams arrives to testify that Matt has come out of his coma and revealed who shot him- Nick.  Request for bail is postponed again, as Nick's lawyers ask for time to investigate this new development.  John and Mitchell can't figure out how Matt knew Nick was being held.  Victor realises Matt must have heard him when he went to see him at the hospital.  However, instead of suspecting that Matt has lied, Victor wonders if his son is indeed guilty.  Victor doesn't think Matt could lie about something this serious.

Victor doubts Nick's innocence.  Amy makes a connection.  Matt tells Sharon he'll help her in return for a sexual favour.


Ep 5689 Thursday 31st August, 1995


Christine and Paul returning from their trip. Danny tells Christine the details of his evening with Phyllis, but his ex-wife has been rather distant with him.


 Nikki is visited by Jack and Brad trying to comfort her. After the departure of Jack, Nikki Brad reassures her that Jack will not reveal their relationship with Victor.


 Cole received his new publisher.


 At the jail, Nicholas tries to convince Victor that he has not lied. This eventually becomes clear that his son told him the truth.


 Victor urges Paul to discover the real perpetrator of Matt.


 Sharon visits to Matt to make him spit the truth. But it persists in its hide. He hopes to take revenge on Nicholas ...


Ep 5690- Friday 1st September, 1995


Cole and his publisher are competing fiercely on the new novel by Cole. Fortunately, Victoria just in time, and ended up wondering if it was right to return Jeri.


 Joani takes Danny Junior to the hospital to visit Phyllis.


 Phyllis later received a visit from Christine, then a visit from Danny. The latter seems unhappy that his former wife, Christine, visited Phyllis.


 Danny explains to Christine that he hopes to marry soon divorced Phyllis, but Christine claims she loves Paul. After Danny's has embraced, she asked, in tears, to leave.


 Paul conducts his inquiry into the matter Newman. He asked Nicholas to prison, then Jay's server Neon Scarlet. During his meeting with Sharon, it remembers that Amy had left Genoa City the same day that Matt had been shot. But Paul tells Amy flew to St. Louis just before the assault.


 Meanwhile, two women try to learn more about Amy, who does not speak and seems completely terrorized. Luckily, Amy pronounced his first name.


Ep. 5691- Tuesday 5th September, 1995


Luan and Jack spend a romantic evening tete-a-tete at a restaurant. Not far from their table are Mari Jo and John Silva.


 Gina tries to convince Danny that he must divorce Phyllis as quickly as possible.


 Phyllis does not want to leave the hospital, afraid of what Danny has to tell him. Back home, Joani tries to reassure her. Danny arrives.


 Paul tries to explain to Mary that she will get used to the fact that Christine is part of the life of her son if she wants to avoid conflict.


 Hope phones Victor with news, but Victor has an appointment and decided to call back later.


 Victor asked Paul what he discovered during his investigation, but Paul has little to tell him. Victor is eager to prove the innocence of his son Nicholas.


Ep. 5692-Wednesday 6th September, 1995


John Abbott seeks to know the reasons for the sudden departure of Mamie, but Jill assures him there to be nothing.


 Jill has a ring to John Silva. They then exchanged a kiss.


 Mamie Katherine and discuss a possible romantic relationship for the latter.


 Drucilla resumed her model position after her maternity leave. Malcolm has scheduled a photo shoot for Neil, Lily and Drucilla. To thank Malcolm, Drucilla kisses.


 Keesha phones Nathan.


 Christine learns that Paul has planned a romantic trip to Hawaii for two of them.


 Danny calls Phyllis to the divorce papers. After the departure of Danny, Phyllis says she will oppose this separation.


 In Kansas, Cliff seems upset that Victor abandons his wife and son. He reported to the office of the businessman to offer him a divorce from Hope. Horrified, Victor hunting his desk.


 Nicholas's lawyer asks Victor to go urgently to the court because the hearing is about to begin.


Ep 5693- Thursday 7th September, 1995


Danny intends to leave the apartment of Phyllis today. Phyllis account oppose divorce and prevent him from seeing Danny Junior.


Christine announces to Nina that she and Paul are again very close.


 Victor asks Paul to find out who shot Matt.


 In court, the Judge grants Nicholas bail, stating to him that he should not approach Matt.


 Amy is still detained in a women's center in Chicago. Two women try to help her discover it has certainly been raped, but Amy refuses to talk.


 At the hospital, Matt finds his memory. He remembers the person who shot him. Amy Wilson is that one he had forced to have sex with him. Matt is concerned that it will be revealed to the police. Paul visited him in order to discover the truth.



 Paul and Christine went to Minneapolis recently.

 The indictment will be read to Nicholas in court today.

 Paul has no physical problem. He and Cricket have been engaged for almost a year.

 Amy is in Chicago.


Ep 5694- Monday 11th September, 1995


Phyllis is upset because Danny has left.


 Christine made it clear to Danny that's all over between her and because she is now in love with Paul.


 At the hospital, Paul hopes to extract information from Matt who claims to have lost his memory. Matt, himself, feared the return of Amy.


 The Newman can finally leave the court and return to the ranch with Nicholas. But Nikki prohibited Sharon to come with them.


 Sharon is thrilled to learn her mother that Nicholas was released from prison.


 At the ranch, Nicholas and Nikki are fighting. The young man tries to convince his mother that Sharon is part of his life more than anyone. A scene that ends in tears.


Ep 5695- Tuesday 12th September, 1995


Blade receives a postcard from Rick, and is deeply concerned about the intentions of it.


 Together, Jack and Luan spend a divine moment, interrupted when Luan must go to the doctor's office. Despite the recommendations of the doctor, Luan refuses to follow treatment regimens. Jack is increasingly worried about his wife.


 Keemo and Mari Jo are attracted to each other. They hope their relationship will go further.


 Victoria has a surprise for Cole accepts that Jeri is again the editor of her husband, writer.


 Brad and Jack argue about Nikki. But Victor comes in and calms the storm.


 Brad asks Nikki to marry him.


 Victor intends to Nicholas live with him in his apartment, but feared serious reaction Nikki.


Ep 5696- Wednesday 13th September, 1995


Keesha visits to Dr. Olivia Hastings in order to learn more about the wife of her lover. His medical results should be received within days.


 After a little erotic escapade with Cole, Victoria went to his office. Cole receives a visit from Fitz, with whom he competes. Fortunately, Jeri finally arrives to replace it.


 Victor and Nikki are fighting about Nicholas. Victor is convinced that his son must move in with him. Nikki is upset.


 For their part, Sharon and Nicholas expressed their love for each other.


 Matt tries to join Drake can not be found.


 After the arrival of the Neon Scarlet Drake, Jay contacted Paul Williams. Drake is stunned to learn from one of his friends what Matt has recently experienced.


Ep 5697- Thursday 14th September, 1995


Phyllis asked Christine to help prevent divorce, but the young lawyer refuses to cooperate.


 She explains to Danny that will be difficult for him to divorce quickly.


 Nina learns she can finally have a baby and is quick to make a first attempt with Ryan.


 Cole is proud because Jeri replaces Fitz. Victoria is delighted that her husband be pleased with her surprise.


 Victor Nicholas announces that it will come and live in her apartment as long as the evidence of his innocence be established.


 Drake visits Matt who asked to withhold information if he ever came to be questioned. When Paul Williams asked Drake, he does not tell the whole truth. Matt enjoys the idea of being able to take revenge on Nicholas.


 Victor and Paul Nicholas wonder why, when he was going to marry Sharon, went hastily to Matt's apartment the night of his assault. They are now certain that Nicholas is being withheld vital information.


Ep 5698- Friday 15th September, 1995


Victoria will be on a business trip soon. She is stunned to discover that the editor of Cole, Jeri, has already returned to Genoa City.


Amy is still detained in a women's shelter. According to medical examinations, she was allegedly raped.


Matt Drake says he is certain that Nicholas has not shot.


Nikki is very sad that Nicholas moved to live with Victor.


Sharon tells Nicholas that she visited Matt but that meeting did not result favorably.


Nicholas goes to the hospital room with Matt ...



 Amy's parents are separated.

 Sharon went to see Matt at the hospital recently.


Ep 5699- Monday 18th September, 1995


Rick visits Mari Jo, she is stunned by his return to Genoa City. He explains that he has a score to settle with his brother Blade. He discovers that Mari Jo and Keemo have a relationship.


 Christine Ryan asks if it is possible he could legally adopt Phillip. The young lawyer has no objection.


 Phyllis prevents Danny set foot in his apartment. She even consult a lawyer and file a complaint. Danny is very upset by the behavior of Phyllis.


 Cliff asks Victor to take more care of Hope for the young woman is lonely and Kansas as his son claimed.


 Nicholas is doing everything possible to make Matt tells him that he was really shot, but Matt does everything to annoy the young Newman. Beside himself, Nicholas soon to fall upon him. A policeman comes just in time. Matt fully enjoys his revenge ...




Episode 5,690: Friday 1st. September, 1995

Monday 4th. September, 1995: No show due to U.S. Open

Episode 5,691: Tuesday 5th. September, 1995

Episode 5,692: Wednesday 6th. September, 1995

Episode 5,693: Thursday 7th. September, 1995

Friday 8th. September, 1995: No show due to U.S. Open




Episode 5,714- Tuesday 10th October, 1995

Rick, posing for Blade, in makes love with Ashley. Meanwhile, Mari Jo had the idea to invent a false fire in Blade's studio for Rick and Ashley to go there so that Blade would not find Rick at the Abbott residence. 

Luan learns that Jack's doctor is aware of her illness. She prefers to not talk to him.

Nathan invites Olivia to a one-on-one dinner at the Colonnades. The young woman is thrilled. Neil, himself, still can not believe that Nathan is unfaithful.

Hope phones Victor asking him to come see their son in Kansas. Victor promises to think about it.

Nikki and Victor are fighting again about Nikki's attitude to Sharon.

Sharon met her friend Cindy. Both are concerned about the disappearance of Amy. During the call, Cindy tells her that Amy had sold her ticket to St. Louis.

Victor asked Paul to accelerate his research.

Episode 5,715- Wednesday 11th October, 1995

Lauren refuses to speak with Phyllis's marital problems with Danny.

Phyllis informs Danny that she will ask his lawyer to remove the surveillance it had introduced.

Lauren decides to create her own clothing collection.

Ashley returns home, where Blade ahead.

Nathan and Olivia entrust little Nate to Neil and Drucilla because they will spend their evening at Colonnades. Malcolm notes that Neil is at odds with Nathan.

Paul asked Drake Belson about Matt and Amy.

Episode 5,716- Thursday 12th October, 1995

Olivia and Nathan spend their evening at Colonnades.

Later, while Olivia tells her evening with wonder at his sister, Neil argues with Nathan.

Lauren decides to move to Los Angeles to collaborate with Eric Forrester. She says goodbye to Paul.

Jack Blade asked about his behavior at Gina.

Mari Jo and Jill talk about their feelings and their loneliness.

John Silva advises Jill not to associate with other men or she risks losing custody of her son.

Nicholas discovers that the priest who married Sharon was a fraudster.

John Silva learned that the trial of Nicholas will be held next week.

Episode 5,717- Thursday 12th October, 1995 (2nd episode)

While love is flowing between Nathan and Olivia, Keesha, alone in a bar, is sad. Malcolm arrives and tries to seduce her.

Christine Nicholas learns that his marriage is invalid. Nicholas is informed that his trial will take place next week.

Nikki made some remonstrances to Sharon.

Victor lobbied Paul to go search the apartment of Matt. While Paul is in Matt, Christine decides to interview the latter located at Neon Scarlet.

Episode 5,718- Friday 13th October, 1995

Before leaving Genoa City, Lauren says goodbye to Brad. Eric Forrester is waiting in Los Angeles.

Sharon Nicholas learns that his trial be held the following week and that their marriage is invalid. He thinks his future with Sharon is now impossible.

Christine convinces Matt to go see Victor Newman at his office. Victor asks Matt to tell him the whole truth about the attack. Matt asks him how much money he is willing to pay.

In searching the apartment of Matt, Paul discovered bullets and a gun holster, but found no weapon. He thinks that these balls are those with which the gun was shot Matt.

Phyllis met her lawyer because she wants to cancel the action against Danny. His lawyer says she and Danny will go before the judge to conclude this matter. Danny is shocked by the news.

Episode 5,719- Monday 16th October, 1995

Keemo tells his parents that he no longer goes out with the young woman he hid them.

Danny forgive Phyllis for complaints she had filed against him. She then handed the keys to the new lock to his apartment.

Ashley tells Blade that she is more satisfied with their relationship. Blade realizes that his problems are due to Rick, his twin brother.

Rick went to the studio Mari Jo rejects him, unable to bear more unhealthy its games.

Nikki is shocked by Jack on learning that his son's trial will take place in a week.

Matt made it clear to Victor that he will have to pay if he wants to tell the police that Nicholas was innocent. Exasperated by the conduct of Matt, Victor gets mad and throws himself violently upon him. Paul takes time.

Episode 5,720- Tuesday 17th October, 1995


Convinced that Rick knows too much about it, Mari Jo Blade to summon his office to urge him to kill his brother. She manages to awaken the hatred that feels about Rick.

While Sharon chats with Paul, one of her friends, Cindy, asked him where to find Amy, because she wants to repay him the plane ticket to St. Louis that it had given him. Paul infers that Amy did not take the plane to St. Louis and inform with Victor, who then decides to meet with Cindy for more information.

Episode 5,721- Wednesday 18th October, 1995

Exasperated by the conduct of Nathan, Keesha refuses to see him. She visits Malcolm. The two young men exchanged a tender kiss.

Olivia tells her sister that she intends to become pregnant without the knowledge of Nathan, but Drucilla advised to speak first to her husband.

Danny goes to trial where Phyllis proudly defends. He emerges unscathed and pleasantly surprised by his wife.

Victor asked Cindy's friend Amy. She tells him that Amy did not go to St. Louis. Paul, meanwhile, learns that Amy has booked another flight on any day of the attack of Matt, which leads him to wonder where the woman is truly.

Also at Chicago, Amy draws the face of Matt. She starts crying and refusing to talk to the boy to the two women who try to help.

Victor received a letter from Hope's imploring him a call. Victor contacted her but is quick and unpleasant.

Nikki asks Victor if he can sleep at his home in the guest room. Victor agrees.

Episode 5,722- Thursday 19th October, 1995

Danny and Phyllis return home, happy. Danny begins to realize that Phyllis is a remarkable woman.

Malcolm and Keesha spend a romantic evening tete-a-tete. Keesha feels fulfilled in the company of Malcolm.

Nathan hesitates to call Keesha. Neil is visiting her brother and advised him strongly not to spoil the holidays of his wife.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Drucilla choose the destination of the trip they have planned for the family.

After fighting with her husband, Jill out for dinner with Mari Jo. The two young women confide their love life.

Victor and Paul try to understand what happened to Amy Wilson. According to them, he would have witnessed the attempted assassination of then Matt would have fled to the shooters do not find his trail. Victor asks Paul to spread in all cities of the region in search of an announcement.

Episode 5,723- Friday 20th October, 1995

Episode 5,724- Monday 23rd October, 1995



Week of 23rd. October, 1995

Paul tracked down Amy.  Chris got her return to Genoa City.  Mari Jo fended off Rick.  Ashley was clueless that she's being romanced by both Rick and Blade.  Nathan was stunned to see Malcolm and Keesha.  Neil told Dru that Nathan's having an affair.  Dru warned Nathan to get rid of Keesha or she'll tell all to Olivia.  Jack warned Brad of the consequences if Victor learns Brad is involved with Nikki.  Victoria's faith in Nick wavered.  Nick broke it off with Sharon.  Danny told Sliva to file for divorce immeditaely.  A confrontation with Victor made Matt more determined to destroy Nick's life.

Episode 5,727: Thursday 26th. October, 1995 (12:30-1:30 p.m.)

PRIMETIME EPISODE (Episode 5,728): Thursday 26th.October, 1995 (9-10 p.m.)

Victor and Christine meet with Amy to try and prove Nick's innocence.

Drucilla delivers an ultimatum to philandering Nathan.

Week of Monday 30th. October, 1995

Phyllis treated Danny to a sensual massage, not knowing that he's had Silva draw up the papers for their divorce again.  She didn't let on that she was the one giving the massage until later.  Danny was amused by her trick, making Gina wonder if he was softening towards Phyllis.

Nick's trial for the attempted murder of Matt begins.  Prosecutor Glenn Richards presents a number of witnesses.  One witness's testimony is extremely damaging to Nick's case.  Still in a dazed condition, Amy, who shot Matt after he raped her, has been brought back to Genoa City (she had been in a Chicago women's shelter) by Christine and Paul, and at the moment is sequestered in Christine's apartment.  Christine tries to get through to her.   Christine and Paul call Victor and tell him that they have managed to get Amy back to Genoa City.  Because of Amy's mental condition, however, it's decided to transfer her from Chris' apartment to a local sanitarium.  Matt can be bought- for $6 million- but Victor doesn't bite. 

Doris tries to assuage her daughter Sharon's anguish.  But all the comforting in the world won't help Sharon when Nick himself shows up at her door at week's end.  He admits that it's a disaster in the courtroom and doesn't want her dragged into this mess, feeling that it's only a matter of time before she is.  Nick gives Sharon $20,000 so she can leave town and not be subjected to the trial.  At the same time, the prosecution subpoenas Sharon to testify about what she told Nick the night of the shooting.  Simultaneously, behind closed doors in the DA's office, Glenn Richards and Detective Bob Adams talk further to Matt.  Yes, they have a strong case against Nick, but there's one point that has not been locked, so they question Matt.  Playing the victim to the hilt, Matt gives them what they want to hear, thinking he's slammed the final nail into Nick's coffin.  The prosecution gets the motive needed to prove Nick would want Matt dead. 

Luan and Jack learned separately that she's in remission, but still didn't discuss her illness.  Mari Jo doesn't think three is company.  Neil and Ryan clashed.  Afterwards, Jill spotted a dejected Ryan and asked him to be her executive assistant, much to Neil's chagrin and so changed Ryan's mind about resigning.

Malcolm was suspicious when Nathan questioned him about Keesha.

Week of Monday 6th. November, 1995

Nick exploded in court when Sharon was questioned about her sex life.

Week of Monday 13th. November, 1995

Paul and Christine set a wedding date.


Ep. 5,742 Wednesday 15th November, 1995


(Monday 1st. November, 1999 in Perth, Western Australia)


Sharon takes the stand for Nick's trial. The prosecution asks Sharon if she and Matt Clark ever had a sexual relationship. Sharon looks at the Newman's...the judge, the jury, and then at Nick. All the while..the prosecution keeps asking her the question. Suddenly...Nick stands up and shouts... "Sharon just tell them....tell them the truth." The courtroom is in a commotion...the judge shouts out for order, then tells the jury to disregard that outburst. Then the judge looks at Nick..and tells him that he himself will deal with Nick...after this trial. John and Mitchell then try to calm Nick down.


Victoria walks into Neil's office...and asks Neil where Ryan is. Neil closes the door behind Victoria, and tells her about Jill's 30 day trial offer for Ryan..and how Ryan has accepted it..but also how Ryan thinks that if things dont work out with Jill..he can always come back to his old position. Neil tells Vicky how he told Ryan to leave his office..there will not be a job waiting for him..when he returns. Victoria thinks about this..and then asks Neil to please not let Ryan's job go. "Why Victoria...why should I let him waltz back in here." Victoria tells Neil that Ryan will come back after this trial..and when he does, they both will work Ryan off his butt....she also tells Neil that he wont ever find someone else like Ryan. Neil agrees..and tells Victoria okay....but it must remain a secret between the two of them...Victoria agrees to this.


Phyllis is in shock. She thought things with Danny were going really good..and that maybe Danny would forget about the divorce..but not so. A letter has arrived for her..from the court office. Phyllis knows whats inside. Joanie asks Phyllis if she is okay...Phyllis says no..but she is a different woman now...and she must win Danny back. Phyllis explains to Joanie about the marriage counsellor, and how he suggested that she be more calm about things...instead of going crazy...that should get Danny to see her in a new way. Phyllis then picks up her phone..and calls her attorney to come over.


Sharon tells the courtroom about how Matt raped her...and why he has such a hatred for her and Nick. The prosecution laughs at this..he asks Sharon if she ever reported this so called rape..and if she told anyone else about it. Sharon says no...she never told the police about the rape..she was scared..but she did see a doctor. The prosecution is surprised..but then collects himself and asks Sharon if she saw the doctor the same night it happened..or the day before. Sharon hesitates..and tells him it was a couple of weeks after. But then Sharon adds that she told her friend Amy Wilson. The prosecution adds..."Sharon...did your friend Amy Wilson believe you....and wasnt she involved with Matt Clark too." Sharon tells them that Amy didnt believe her...because she was so in love with Matt Clark. The prosecution tells the judge that he has no further questions for this witness at this time.

As the prosecution is taking his seat..he stands up again..and asks for a few more moments with Sharon...the judge allows him this. "Sharon..lets talk about the night Matt was shot." "Did you tell Nick that night..the same night Matt was shot..that Matt "raped" you." Sharon hesitates once again, she looks at Nick..who is nodding his head for her to answer. Sharon replies yes. "Okay Sharon, you have just testifyed that you told Nick about the rape...what did he do then Sharon...did he leave the room." Sharon replies yes. "Was he upset..enraged..angry..what was he Sharon." Sharon replies that Nick was upset. "Did he tell you where he was going Sharon." Sharon sadly looks at Nick..and replies no." Then the prosecution tells the judge thats enough for this witness.


Mary Jo comes past Jill's office. Mary Jo smiles and tells her that she has heard the news, about Ryan being Jill's right hand man. Mary Jo tells Jill that she has done very well this time...employing a very good looking man..he's also young...very smart...and very impressionable. Jill smiles coyly and tells Mary Jo she seriously doesnt know what she is talking about..besides Ryan is already married. This makes Mary Jo laugh..and she tells Jill that that has never stopped her before.


Mitchell starts to question Sharon. "Sharon...remember you are under oath here...did or didnt Matt Clark rape you last year." As Sharon is about to answer..the prosecution objects. Mitchell tells the judge to bear with him for just a minute...because Sharon's testimony is also crucial to their defence. The judge allows Mitchell to go ahead..but not to take so long on this subject. Sharon then answers yes...Mitchell asks Sharon why she never told the police...or her family. Sharon replies because she was to scared..and too embarrassed. Mitchell tells the judge that he has had enough with this witness for the time being.

Phyllis attorney's arrive. She asks him if she agrees to the divorce..the paper work will still take about 4 months to 6 months. The attorney tells her if that if both parties agree to the settlement and everything else..it could be all over within 30 days. Phyllis is stunned..but has no choice...she must take this gamble. She tells her attorney to go ahead and agree...its the only thing she can do..but she has to work fast to make Danny change his mind.


Cole arrives at Victoria's office..and tells her about the day in court. Victoria is stunned to learn that Sharon never left Genoa City. Cole tells Victoria that the prosecution really gave Sharon a rough time. Cole then changes the subject..and asks his wife for dinner...but Vicky says no..she would rather just go home. As they are leaving...Vicky's phone rings....its Jerry..Cole's editor. She asks if Cole is there, and wants to speak with him. Victoria isnt too impressed..but hands over the phone to Cole. Jerry tells Cole that she has something for him...and she is in town..could she stop by their house. Cole says yes..and they agree to meet at the ranch.

Jerry hangs up the telephone and stands up and smiles. She's pregnant..."Do I tell her or not." "Yes I will tell you Victoria..and wont you be surprised." Jerry smiles wickedly. 

Ep. 5,743 Thursday 16th November, 1995

(Tuesday 2nd November, 1999 in Perth)


Jeri Cole visits and Victoria and learns that she is pregnant. Because of doubts about the Victoria paternity of the child, Jeri tells them she is also married to the father of her child.


Gina, Paul and Christine choose the date of their wedding on the day of Valentine's Day.


Meanwhile, Danny, who speaks with Gina, Christine hesitates to join his table. It must, however, leave to join John Silva in his office. This lets him know that Phyllis has accepted the divorce.


Hope and Victor, who took the decision to divorce, to make their final goodbyes.


Hope telephones Victor...they need to discuss their future...together or separate..whatever they decided it must be decided for all their sakes. Victor agrees to fly to Kansas tonight...he can come home later, and be on time for Nick's trial in the morning.

Jerry arrives at Cole and Victoria's house. Cole helps Jerry with her jacket...Jerry gives Cole her surprise...Cole's new book is ready for publishing. While Cole and Jerry talk business..Victoria is stunned to see Jerry's stomach. "My god Jerry..what the hell is that." Jerry stops talking to Cole, and looks at Victoria...she knows what Vicky is on about. "Oh you mean this...yes well..I am now five months pregnant." Cole looks at Victoria and asks her what she is on about. "Cole..how stupid can you be...look at her." Cole looks down..and sees a very pregnant Jerry. "Oh Jerry..congratulations, how did this happen." Jerry laughs..and tells Cole that he should already know. Victoria slaps Cole and tells Jerry thats not what he really meant. "What he is really saying is...who the hell is the father." Jerry smiles at Victoria..and tells them both that she is now married. Cole congratulates her once again. Victoria on the other hand..wishes Jerry goodluck...but now she must be on her way. Victoria practically throws her out. Cole stands back..and watches...with laughter.

Phyllis takes her lawyer (Mr Sullivan) out to dinner. He tells her that talking with her..he now finally understands what she is hoping. Phyllis wants to let Danny think that she isnt contesting the divorce, but she also wants to delay it...in anyway that she can. He tells her that he has a few ideas, and for Phyllis to trust him. Phyllis looks at him for awhile..and decides to go ahead. "Okay Mr Sullivan, my future is in your hands...start the proceedings." Mr Sullivan nods his head..and tells Phyllis he will get right on it in the morning. Phyllis says no...she wants a letter sent out to John Silva..tonight or first thing in the morning...Mr Sullivan agrees and gets right on it..straight away.

Danny goes to see his sister..and tells her that he talked with Phyllis about the divorce. "Gina...it was so amazing..Phyllis didnt cry..she wasnt upset...she was very calm." Gina is amazed..but tells Danny to be careful...for Phyllis to take this lying down..something is up. Danny smiles..and tells Gina no..Phyllis has finally decided it just isnt working out. "Now Gina..I cant start to make some plans with my life." Gina looks at Danny...and knows what he is talking about. "I take it you mean..a life with Christine." Danny smiles and says yes..."the love of his life." As Gina turns around...in walks Paul and Christine.

Victor arrives at the farm. Both he and Hope stare at one another..then Hope makes the first move. "Victor..I'm so glad you decided to come...I wish...I just wish it was under better circumstances." Victor goes towards Hope..and together they hug and kiss. "It's really over Victor..isnt it...its over." Victor hesitates for a little while..then responds. "Hope...I dont know what else we can do...I cant fit into your world..and you arent happy in mine." Hope agrees..and together they talk about their past..when he first came to the farm..and what Victor has given Hope in her life. "Victor...you have given me things, that I never thought I would experience...thankyou for that...but now you have given me the most precious thing in the world...my baby son." Victor smiles..and tells Hope that she will make a good mother for his child.

Gina tells Danny that Christine and Paul have just walked in. Both brother and sister look at the loving couple. Paul and Chris are deciding on a wedding date...they have both agreed on February 14, 1996. Both are celebrating..while Gina and Danny look on. "Gina...I'm going over there...I need to stop this." Gina grabs Danny by the arm..and asks him what the hell is going to say...Danny has no idea, but he will think of something. Just as Danny is about to leave..the telephone rings..its for him..its John Silva, he wants to see Danny in his office straight away. Danny tells John that he will be over...then Danny turns to Gina..and looks at Christine. "I guess Christine will have to wait...that was John..he wants to see me straight away."

Mr Sullivan gets off his phone..he turns to Phyllis and tells her its done. A letter has been faxed to John Silva...telling him that you do not contest the divorce. Phyllis only hopes and prays that her plans work, for the sake of her marriage.

When Danny arrives...John reads out the letter. Danny is estatic...he thanks John for calling him. "Now I need to go and share this news with someone very important." John asks who...Danny replies.."Christine."

Victor and Hope stand together once again..this time for the last time. "Hope...I loved you so much, and now apart of me still does...but now its time to go...my darling Hope..look after yourself, and our son." Hope starts to cry...and tells Victor the same...then Victor goes to hug her for the last time. With tears in both their eyes.


Ep. 5,744 Friday 17th November, 1995


 (Wednesday 3rd. November, 1999 in Perth, Western Australia)


Nikki noticed that Victor is upset and it entrusts his marriage to Hope is over.


Cliff advantage of the penalty Hope to ask for her hand.


Malcolm informed that Olivia wants Keesha to the woman of his life.


Keesha asks Nathan to make a choice between her and his wife as soon as possible. Later, Keesha gets a call from Stan Jackson, her former boyfriend, who wants to talk about something very important. Keesha hangs up on him.


Still furious with Nathan, Drucilla visited him and no longer attend sum Keesha.


Danny Christine announces that he and Phyllis are getting a divorce in the coming weeks. Unfortunately for him, Christine still wants to marry Paul in the coming months.


Malcolm goes to see Olivia at her work. He tells Olivia how he has fallen in love with Keisha. But how there is another man who is also involved with Keisha. Olivia says yes....but tells Malcolm not to give up on her...because the other man in Keisha's life seems to be using her.

Drucilla cant take it any longer. She tells Neil that she is going to tell her sister about Nathan's affair. Neil tries to talk her out of it...but nothing will stop Drucilla. Drucilla grabs her coat, and tells Neil she will be home later.

Danny tells Christine about his divorce proceedings with Phyllis. "Christine...you and I can have a life in more or less 30 days from now....I wont give up on us Chris...I never will." Christine is stunned, she tells Danny that she doesnt trust Phyllis yet.."until the legal work is all done...then its over." "Danny, you arent the only one with news tonight....Paul and I set a wedding date....Valentines Day." Danny is saddened, but wishes Chris all the luck....but also tells her..."Congratulations Chris...but you arent married yet...and I intend to have you back...because I know that you still love me." Then Danny walks out.

Nathan goes over to see Keisha. Keisha gives Nathan another ultimatim. "Nathan...you either leave your marriage and marry me...or its over." Nathan tells her that he cant make that decision until after Christmas...but Keisha doesnt buy that. "If thats the case then Nathan...I think you should leave, and not come back..until you have made that decision." Nathan tries to kiss her..but Keisha backs off, and opens the door...."I want you to leave Nathan.....NOW."

Nathan goes back home...there is a knock on the door. Its Drucilla...she tells Nathan that she was on her way to tell Olivia everything...but decided to give Nathan one more chance. "Nathan...have you ended your affair with that Keisha girl...because if you havent...I am leaving right now to tell my sister everything." Nathan swears to Drucilla that its over now. Drucilla tells Nathan for his sake..it better be, otherwise all hell will break loose in his life.

The telephone rings in Keisha's apartment. When Keisha answers it...its a man from her past. He tells her its Dan...then Keisha is stunned. "Dan...after all these years..what the hell do you want." Dan tells her that he needs to talk to her. "No Dan...I dont ever want to speak with you or see you...dont ever come and see me...and dont ever ring me back." Then Keisha hangs up..but after a few minutes the phone rings again. Its Dan..."Keisha..you and I have to speak." Keisha yells at him again..."I told you not to telephone me Dan...leave me alone." Keisha hangs up..but the phone rings again..this time she picks it up...then slams it back down again...then leaves the phone off the hook.

Victor goes to see Nikki..and tells her about Hope and him ending their marriage tonight. Nikki tells Victor how sorry she is...Victor is really sad..he truly did love Hope..and still does.

Hope tells Cliff about her meeting with Victor. Cliff is overjoyed...then takes Hope's hand, and asks her to marry him...even if its a bit soon at the moment. Hope smiles at Cliff..and tells him she cant answer him right now...but she isnt saying no either. Thats enough for Cliff...who is overjoyed that finally Victor Newman is out of their lives.


Ep. 5,745 Monday 20th November, 1995


(Thursday 4th. November, 1999 in Perth, Western Australia)

The prosecution asks Matt if Nick Newman was the man who shot him. Matt smiles very smugly at Nick, then tells the judge and jury yes...it was Nicholas Newman. The prosecution tells the courtroom, that he has no further questions for this witness...its now up to John Silva.

Christine and Paul are at Pineview..waiting to see Amy. Christine tells Paul that she will not push Amy in any way..but she will try to talk to her. Paul tells her thats all he wants. Soon Amy walks in, when she sees Paul standing there...Amy is scared. Christine and Paul notice this..so Paul decides to leave..he has to get to court anyway. When Christine and Paul kiss goodbye..Amy watches them oddly. "Amy..why are you looking at me like that." Amy tells Christine...."Mr Williams..he's a good man..isnt he." Christine smiles and says yes...he's a very good man.

Nina goes to see Jill Abbott in her office. Nina asks Jill what she is up too by hiring her husband. Jill vows to Nina that this was a strictly professional decision..but Nina doesnt buy it. "Nina..I swear to you..I am only interested in Ryan for his business sense..and nothing else..besides this new position of his..will bring you and my grandson a more stable future..both financially..and emotional." Nina turns to Jill, and says she still doesnt believe her.

John asks Matt if he ever owned a gun.
Matt replies...No.
John asks Matt if he ever owned gun cleaning equipment.
Matt replies...maybe at one time..I dont remember.
John asks Matt if he remembers Nick Newman coming over to his apartment.
Matt replies..no..he doesnt remember.
Then John smiles at Matt..and turns to the jury and says...."Matt...you dont seem to remember much, especially about the important details." Matt smiles and tells John..what does he expect, he was shot and in a coma for two weeks...everything is just a blur. John then turns around and tells the judge he has no further questions at this time with this witness.

The prosecution has rested its case...its now the defence team. John and Mitchell's first witness is Drake. As Drake walks in...he is scared...very scared.

Mitchell asks Drake how he knows the victim.
Drake replies...Matt is my best friend.
Mitchell asks Drake...Did you at anytime see Matt Clarke on the day of the shooting.
Drake replies...Yes...early on in the afternoon.
Mitchell asks Drake...Was anybody else there.
Drake looks nervous..but answers no.
Mitchell asks Drake...Drake..did you yourself shoot Matt Clarke.
Drake replies...No.
Then Mitchell says he has no further questions for this time. Then Mitchell calls Paul Williams to the stand.

Christine asks Amy if she has remembered anything. Amy says no. "Amy..we all care about you, we think its best that you start to at least try to remember." Amy starts to cry..and tells Christine that she doesnt want to remember...because she is scared...very scared. Christine feels sorry for Amy, and goes to hold her....while Amy cries on Christine's shoulder.


Ep. 5,746 Tuesday 21st November, 1995


(Aired Wednesday 10th November, 1999 in Perth)


In court, Paul is called to testify in court. He reveals his excavations at Matt last month. It was then the turn of Sharon and Nicholas to testify against Matt.


Victoria and Nina quarrel about Ryan. It occurs and then fight with Victoria.


Danny comes to offer some gifts to his son and his wife. He thanked Phyllis for accepting the divorce.


Phyllis met Dr. Beck, his marriage counselor, who suggested he find a new friend. In the waiting room, Phyllis met Peter Garrett, another patient of Dr. Beck. Voluntarily, she forgets her purse and shortly after, Peter proposes to her report.


Paul Williams is asked on the stand about he had gotten pictures of the gun cleaning equipment found in Matt's apartment. Paul confesses that he broke in...but the judge reminds Paul about what he is saying. "Mr Williams..you do realise what you have just said..if you dont want to go on any further, I suggest you remain silent now..otherwise you will have to pay for your actions later on." Paul looks at Nick..and the rest of the Newman family..and turns to the judge. "Yes your honor..I realise what I am saying..and I want to continue."

Danny stops by Gina's and tells his sister about Christine and Paul setting a wedding date. Gina tells Danny how sorry she is..but Danny tells her that he hasnt given up hope just yet..it makes things a bit harder..but he will never give up the hope. "I have to go now Gina..I am going to see Phyllis now, and thank her for keeping to her word."

Paul tells the jury about finding the gun cleaning equipment at Matts apartment. After Paul finishes..Mitchell tells the prosecution its his turn. The prosecution reminds Paul of the offense he has just confessed to..Paul realises this..and asks him what his point is. Suddenly the prosecutor turns to the judge..and asks that this witness and the information that he has supplied be striked from this trial. Mitchell rises..and objects. The judge too disagrees with the prosecutor and tells him that he will allow this evidence. The prosecutor has no further questions for Paul.

Danny arrives at Phyllis apartment..with two packages. One is for little Danny..but the other is for Phyllis. Danny bought her a new dress..to say thankyou to her for keeping her word. Phyllis smiles at Danny..and tells him that its been very hard. Danny realises this..and tells her to be strong, they are doing the right thing. Danny then leaves..and tells Phyllis he will be back tomorrow. When he walks out the door..Phyllis telephones her counsellor..and organises a meeting with him.

Joh Silva calls the next witness for the defence, its Sharon Collins. Nick is outraged at this, and turns to Mitchell and asks him what the hell is going on. "Nick..trust us..please..we need all the help we can get..just dont do anything stupid..and listen." John asks Sharon about the night Matt was shot.

John: Sharon...after you told Nick that Matt Clarke raped you..what did he say and do.

Sharon: Nick was upset..he told me he was going to teach Matt a lesson.

John: What did you do next Sharon.

Sharon: I was scared..so I went out...to Matts apartment.

John: Sharon...tells us what happened then...all of it.

Suddenly Nick stands up and shouts to Sharon. "Tell them Sharon..tell them everything." Mitchell sits Nick back down..and tells him to be quiet once again." Nick is staring daggers at John and Mitchell.

John: Sharon...please continue.

Sharon: I was scared for Nick..after he left..so I went to Matts apartment. I didnt see anyone, and when I got to Matts door...I heard the phone ring..just as I was about to knock. The phone rang and rang, so I knew that Matt was not at home. So I left.

John: Sharon..at anytime during that night..did you see Nick.

Sharon: No sir.

John smiles at her...then tells the prosecution its his witness. The prosecution asks Sharon what did she hope to accomplish by going after Nick. Sharon tells him it was because she was scared for him. "What you are really saying Miss Collins..is that you knew yourself that Nick Newman was going to kill Matt Clarke..and you were trying to find him...before it was too late..but you were already too late, werent you." Nick stands up once again..and yells at the prosecutor. "You leave her alone, do you hear me..she has nothing to do with this." The prosecutor smiles..and tells Sharon he has no further questions.


Phyllis arrives for her appointment with her doctor. As he is busy with another client..Phyllis is left waiting. Someone else comes in for his appointment with Dr Beck as well. He is told that he is much too early...but tells the receptionist that he will wait. As he sits down...he notices Phyllis. "Hi...would you like some coffee." Phyllis looks up and says no thankyou. The man smiles at Phyllis. Phyllis keeps looking at him..then asks him what is he doing there at the doctors office. The man tells Phyllis that he's been down for awhile now..because he has lost his job..Phyllis cant believe that he is there because of that reason..and tells him so. The man is quite amused..and asks Phyllis what she is there for. Phyllis tells him its because her husband wants a divorce...and she doesnt. The man tells her how sorry he is. Then Phyllis is called into the doctors office.

The defence's next witness is Nick Newman. Nick is upon the stand..and relates to the jury about the night Matt was shot. But suddenly Nick turns to the judge...."Your honour..I am truly sorry about my outburst in this courtroom..but I love Sharon very much..I do apologise for my behaviour..but I will not apologise for my feelings." Victor looks on at his son..with so much pride. John then begins the questioning once again.

John: Nick...did you infact shoot Matt Clark.

Nick: Nick shouts out NO...he did not.

John: Nick..that night..did you see anyone else that you knew of.

Nick: Hesitates a bit..then shouts out No.

John: Nick..please remember that you are under oath here...once again I will ask you..did you see anyone else that you know on the night Matt Clark was shot.

Nick: Why are you doing this..I cannot believe you are doing this.

John turns to the judge..and asks if they can stop for lunch now. The judge agrees and gives them 1 hour to be back in court. Victor stands up and goes to Nick..and tells him that he must answer the question. Nick turns to his father and says no..he will not let Sharon be the scapegoat..no way.


Ep. 5,747 Wednesday 22nd November, 1995


(Aired Thursday 11th November, 1999 in Perth)


Peter Garrett Phyllis refers to her purse, she had forgotten the doctor. They met and decided to meet again soon.


Danny expressed Christine he still loves her and wants to recover, but she rebuffs him.


Paul assures Danny that he has no chance to regain the heart of Christine, because it will soon marry.


Ryan, who will now work with Jill, bids farewell to Victoria.


Nicholas continues to testify in court. His trial is nearing its end.


No show on Thursday 23rd November, 1995 due to Thanksgiving


Ep. 5,748 Friday 24th November, 1995


(Friday 12th. November, 1999 in Perth)


Nick has to tell the judge and jury about Sharon being at Matt's place...before he arrived. After Nick tells his side, he shouts out that Sharon had nothing to do with Matt's shooting. Nick tells them what happened that night since Sharon told him about the rape. After John Silva has finished questioning him...its now time for the prosecution.

Christine is working late when Danny stops by. He wants to touch base with her. Christine is a bit unnerved, and Danny notices it. "Chris...why is it that everytime I'm around you, you seem on edge all the time." Christine hides away from him..and tells Danny he is imagining things. "I dont think so Chris...and I know why you are like this...you still have very deep feelings for me....first love is very hard to forget..especially our love....and what we have shared together." "Danny..you have some nerve to think that." Danny shakes his head..and says no...he is right. Then Danny leaves...and Chris is left wondering if he is right.

The prosecution tells the jury and Nick that he cannot believe Nick didnt shoot Matt. "Why I believe this Mr Newman, I will tell you why."

"First...you say that you did not want to kill Matt..you wanted to have it out with him with your fist...then why, Mr Newman...did you try and buy a gun..and offer the man at the store..a large sum of money."

"Secondly...when you said in your statement that you walked in to Matt Clarkes apartment..and found him lying on the floor, why did you pick up the gun..and clean it...and why Mr Newman..did you not telephone the police." Those Mr Newman is not a man who isnt guilty..but a man who is. You say it was because you thought it was Sharon Collins who shot Matt, but you honestly didnt know that. I dont think I have any questions left for this jury..they know the truth here..let them decide...your statement speaks for itself Mr Newman. The judge calls an hour break..then closing statement will begin.

Paul is having a hard time concentrating at work..with everything going on in the Newman trial. As he is discussing this with Lynn..in walks Danny. Lynn tells Danny that this isnt a good time to speak with her boss..but Danny looks at Paul and tells him that this wont take very long. Paul shrugs his shoulders..and tells Danny why not..this day couldnt get any worse.

Keisha stops by and visits Malcolm at the studio. While Malcolm is in the back..in walks Drucilla. Dru and Keisha start to make small talk..when Dru asks her what time her shoot is. Keisha is stunned at first..then realises that Dru thinks she is a model. "Oh no...I'm not a model...I'm a close friend of Malcolms." Dru smiles..then suddenly remembers who she is. "Oh really...and would your name by any chance be Keisha." Keisha smiles, and says yes..then Dru introduces herself..."I'm Drucilla Winters...Olivias sister." Its Keisha's turn to be stunned..and both women stand there and face each other when Malcolm walks in. Malcolm is estatic to see Dru and Keisha together...he's been wanting this for a long time now. Kiesha tells Malcolm that she has to leave..she will see him later...she has an appointment.

Closing statements at Nicks trial is just a recap of each sides statements. The prosecution doesnt say much..he thinks that the evidence they have...tells it all...Nick Newman is guilty. John Silva tells the jury that Nick Newman could not of killed Matt Clarke..because of all the time differences that everyone has said..while on the witness stand. Now its the jury's turn to make up their minds..and they are led into a secluded room...to begin.

Nick and his family..including Sharon go back to the Ranch House. Nick tells everyone that he is thankful for their support..but right now..he wants to be alone with Sharon. Nikki is livid that Nick chooses to be this way...but Victor hugs his son...and tells him to have a good time. Nikki throws dagger looks at Sharon.


Ep. 5,749 Monday 27th November, 1995


(Aired Monday 15th November, 1999 in Perth)


Drucilla Keesha promises she will break her relationship with Malcolm. But Keesha threat in turn reveal his affair with Olivia Nathan. Dru and Neil do not know what to do to preserve both Olivia and Malcolm.


Mari Jo just provide comfort to Jack, Luan very worried because of his illness.


Ashley and Blade are willing to do everything possible to save their marriage.


Mari Jo asks Blade to join at Jabot, despite the late hour. She tells him that Rick intends to win Ashley. While Blade is with Mari Jo, Rick introduced in Abbott.


Restaurant, Brad tries to relieve Nikki, anxious for the future of his son.


In an isolated cabin, Nicholas and Sharon abandoned in a torrid embrace.


Victor and Nikki learn that the jury's verdict and that they will be present in court the next morning to announce its decision. They immediately inform the new Nicholas. Newman entire family is baffled.


Christine tells Nina that she and Paul have set their wedding date..its on Valentines Day. Nina is happy for the two of them..but cant help but feel that Christine is still in love with Danny somehow. Nina takes her chance..and asks Christine about it. At first...Christine tries to deny it..but then tells Nina that she cant believe Danny's divorce is going through..and that Phyllis is doing nothing to stop it. As Nina starts to question Christine about her feelings....someone knocks on Christine's front door.

Drucilla is banging on Keisha's apartment door. When Keisha opens it..and finds Drucilla on the other end...Keisha quickly tries to shut the door..but Drucilla is too quick..and barges right in. "You and I are going to have a serious talk...and if you dont want to talk to me...you are going to listen to me..and listen good...you tramp." Keisha is stunned at Drucilla..and asks her to leave. When Drucilla wont do it...Keisha walks over to the phone. "Now..who are you calling." Keisha turns to Drucilla and tells her that she is calling the police. But Drucilla grabs the phone..and tells her thats not a good idea.


Nikki is out at dinner at Gina's with Brad. Nikki thanks Brad for being there for her...at a time she needs him the most. Brad smiles..and tells Nikki that he's fallen in love with her..and wouldnt be anywhere else. Brad knows they are waiting for a verdict..and tries to stop Nikki from thinking about it. Nikki tells Brad that she cannot believe Nick is spending this evening with Sharon...and not his family. Brad tells Nikki that Nick is just someone who's in love....Nikki doesnt think so..but is glad that her son has something else to think about tonight.


Ashley and Blade come home from dinner at Gina's. Ashley tells her husband that she had a great night. Blade is stunned..and cannot believe the change in Ashley. "Ashley..this isnt a dream is it, you are willing to make this marriage work..arent you." Ashley smiles at her husband and tells him yes, then starts to passionately kiss him on their bed. Soon both man and wife are making love.


Drucilla tells Keisha that she needs to find another man to get her hooks into..and not anyone in her family. "What kind of a woman are you....that goes out and gets herself involved with a married man, who has a child." Keisha tells Drucilla that it was Nathan who went after her....and not herself. "Look Drucilla...if your sister was keeping tabs on her man...she would know that Nathan was not happy in his marriage..but no..she choose to put her career first...and ignore the most important thing to her." Drucilla is stunned at what Keisha is saying. "Listen here you bimbo...I know that you have been the agressor with Nathan..and now you want to be the agressor with Malcolm..well let me tell you that I will tell Malcolm everything..then see how he feels about you." Keisha looks at Drucilla then retaliates back right at her. "Drucilla...I suggest that you keep your mouth shut to Malcolm..otherwise I will become the agressor..and go right to your loving sister..and tell her about my affair with Nathan..then we will see what happens to your sister..and I am sure you dont want that to happen now." Drucilla shakes her head, and tells Keisha that she is certainly some piece of work...then Drucilla leaves, but gets the last word in. "Mark my words lady....I will get you out of my family's life..I dont know how just yet, but I will."


As Ashley steps out of the bed..and into the bathroom..the telephone rings. Its Mary Jo wanting to ask Blade to meet her in her office straight away. She has some very disturbing news to tell him, regarding Blade's evil twin Rick. Blade tells Mary Jo he will be over right away..and when Ashley returns..he tells her that he had an important phone call from work..and needs to get their right away. Ashley is disappointed that her husband is leaving..but tells him that she will be right here waiting for him when he returns.


Nikki arrives home..and sees Victor sitting in the dark in her lounge. She asks Victor if anything is wrong...have they heard back from the courthouse. Victor says no..but he didnt feel like heading back to his empty apartment. Victor asks Nikki where she has been..but Nikki chooses not to tell him. Victor tells Nikki its only because he cares about her...even though they are now divorced..she is still family to him. However..as Nikki is about to tell him something..the telephone rings. Its the judge's clerk...the jury has reached a VERDICT. But because of the lateness in the hour..the judge has requested that they all be present in court at 9.00am tomorrow morning. Victor hangs up the phone, and relays the message to a stunned Nikki.


Ep. 5,750 Tuesday 28th November, 1995


(Aired Tuesday 16th November, 1999 in Perth)


While at Jabot, Blade realizes that her brother Rick is at home in the company of Ashley. Horrified, he rushed at him, but is killed in a train hitting his car.


Ashley is shocked on the death of her husband.


Rick is informed of the accident in which his brother was a victim. Would there be a new idea in mind?


Olivia and Nathan share a romantic dinner-to-head.


Malcolm tells Neil how he is in love with Keesha.


Christine expressed Nina to her forthcoming marriage with Paul.


Phyllis out for dinner with Peter. Danny is happy to learn and quick to call Christine to tell him he will soon be free.


Nicholas and Sharon go to the ranch where they found Victor and Nikki. Everyone is worried sick about the jury's decision on the point of reaching its verdict.


Day episode- Same day.



◾ Christine and Paul planned to marry on Valentine's Day.

◾ The hearing of the verdict in the trial of Nicholas fixed the next morning at 9am.




As Victor and Nikki are wondering where Nick is...the telephone rings. Nick is on the line, wanting to know if there is any news. Victor tells his son to come home right now...the jury has reached its verdict. Nick is stunned..and tells Victor that he will be there shortly.

Phyllis arranges a dinner date with her new male friend. Phyllis tells Joanie that if Danny should happen to come by...to let him know about her date. Joanie smiles at Phyllis..and tells her that she knows what she is up too.


Blade telephones his wife..but its Rick who answers the phone call. Blade is angry and stunned that Rick is already there...with his wife. Blade tells Rick that he will pay for this latest stunt...only Rick starts to wickedly laugh at his brother. Blade hungs up the phone..and races out of Jabot to get back home..and confess to Ashley. Rick tells Ashley that the phone call was about work again..and he must go for awhile...Ashley is confused about everything..but tells him that she will be waiting in bed for him when he returns.


Nick and Sharon arrive home...Nick tells his parents that the jury having a verdict already..isnt looking too good for him. Victor tells Nick not to worry about it...it can mean anything. But still Nick isnt too sure. Nikki tells Nick that he needs to get some rest before the morning..she turns to Sharon and tells her that Miguel will drive her home. Nick says no....he is going to spend the night with Sharon. Nikki is furious at this..and starts to say so..but Victor cuts her off...and tells Nick to do what he wants. Nick looks at his mom and tells her that he and Sharon will go back to Victor's place..and stay there. Nick hugs his dad..and says goodbye to both him and Nikki.


Rick is outside the Abbott Mansion..thinking about Blade..when he spots a branch from a tree. Rick picks the branch up...and thinks about using it on Blade. SUDDENLY..there is a noise being heard by Rick..not too far away...then Rick drops the stick...and goes into shock. Something has happened, then Rick races off to where the noise was coming from.


Danny does stop by..and visits the baby. Joanie relays the message to Danny about where Phyllis has gone for the night. Danny is shocked to hear that she has a date. "I thought you only came over to see the baby..otherwise..I would of told you this over the telephone." Danny says goodnight to his son, then leaves. Joanie is smiling.


Around the corner from the Abbott house...an ambulance and police cars are there. As Rick gets closer, a policeman stops him..and tells him not to get too close...he doesnt want to look at what is left of the car wreckage. But Rick steps closer..and is shocked to see Blade's car. "Oh My God" The ambulance men take the dead body into the car...as Rick stands by and watches. "I could tell Ashley that the car was stolen...then I could just step into Blade's shoes..and nobody would ever know." "Yes, I think that would work." Rick goes up to the body before its taken away...and tells his dead brother Blade..."I hope you are rotting in your grave brother dear."


Ashley is reading a book when the telephone rings. Its a police officer..informing her about the car accident. "I want to see my husband..what hospital is he in." The police officer goes quiet for a minute, then informs Ashley that her husband has died. Ashley is in shock..she yells out that her husband has just left..it cant be true. Then Ashley drops the phone..then starts to cry.


Ep. 5,751 Wednesday 29th November, 1995


(Aired Wednesday 17th November, 1999 in Perth)

(Aired 18th July, 2000 on TF1 France)


Jill learns that Mari Jo Blade died last night. Both women are in shock.


Abbott family comes to support Ashley, who just lost her husband, Blade, killed in a car accident. Ashley feels unable to cope with this new event.


The Newman family goes to court, where Nicholas was convicted of attempted murder which accuses Matt Clark. After his last farewell to his family, the young man must leave.


Matt Drake and rejoice in learning the verdict of Nicholas.




(Carla aka Tweety-About.com summary)


Nick is dreaming of the verdict. NOT GUILTY!! The cheers and the relief in the courtroom is deafening. Suddenly Nick wakes up..and realises its just a dream. Sharon is there standing and watching over him. "You looked like you were dreaming of nice things." Nick smiles at her..and tells her yes..he was. "Nick...we have to leave soon..and you have to go back to the ranch..and get ready..we dont want to be late." Nick nods his head.

Nikki is sitting down...looking at baby photo's of her son Nick. Tears are streaming down her face, as Victor walks in. Together...Victor and Nikki look through the album..and cant believe they are standing together here today...in the face of tragedy. Nikki cries on Victor's shoulder....and asks him how their family got to this point. Victor truly does not know.


Christine is getting ready to attend the courthouse, but there is a knock on the door. Christine smiles to herself...and realises that Paul is early. When Christine answers the door...its not Paul..but Danny. Danny brings her..her favourtie breakfast....Donuts and Scones. Christine is amazed that he's at her place. "You did get my message last night about Phyllis...didnt you Chris." Christine says yes..but asks Danny to fill her in more. Danny repeats the message...saying when he went to visit the baby, Joanie told him that Phyllis was out on a date. "Its really happening for me Chris....Phyllis is starting to move on with her life." Christine looks at Danny.....and tells him she hopes for his sake that Phyllis is being totally honest with him. Danny assures her she is..and that the divorce is going full steam ahead.


Victor, Nikki, Cole and Victoria are waiting for Nick to come home. When Nick does appear..Nikki runs to him..and hugs him...Nikki starts to cry again. Nick consoles his mother..and tells her not to worry, no matter what the outcome is. As Nick is heading upstairs to change..Victor follows him..and hugs his son.


Ashley is devastated to learn about the death of her husband Blade. Jack, Luan and John try to console her...but its no use...Ashley is in shock. "Daddy...why...why did this have to happen...just when we were putting our marriage back together...why daddy." John is upset for his daughter, he tells Ashley not to concentrate on the bad times..but to remember Blade for the caring and loving man that he was...and how much joy he bought into this family.


Jill is looking at the morning papers at Jabot regarding Blade's death..when Mary Jo walks in. Mary Jo has some paper work for Jill to see. Jill tells her to leave it on her desk...then tells Mary Jo that she cant believe the news. Mary Jo doesnt know what Jill is on about...and asks her. "Oh My God...havent you read the papers..or watched the news Mary Jo." Mary Jo says no...she came to work early, and hasnt had time. Jill breaks the news to her about Blade's death. Mary Jo too is in shock...she tells Jill that she was probably the last person to see him alive. Now Jill can understand why Mary Jo has taken Blade's death so hard.


The Newman family have arrived at the courthouse..followed by Paul and Christine..and Sharon. All are lead into the courtroom...where the jury too is being led in. The judge looks at the verdict, and sees that everything is in order. He hands the papers back to the foreman..and asks her to read out the verdict, but before that is done..the judge asks that everyone remain calm no matter what the verdict is. The foreman stands up..and declares Nicholas Newman GUILTY..of Attempted Murder. Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon break down..and start to cry. Nick too is in shock. The judge orders calm in the courtroom, when John Silva stands up and tells the judge they have a motion. The judge tells John that the jury must leave the courtroom before any of the formalities begin.


John Silva asks the judge that Nick Newman still be released on bond..while the sentencing is being heard. The judge looks at the prosecution..and asks him what his veiws on this subject are. Of course the prosecution denies the bail...the judge agrees with him...and orders Nick Newman back in jail until Friday..when the sentence is handed down. John asks the judge to give Nick sometime alone with his family. The judge allows this..but only in the courtroom.


Nikki and Victoria hug Nick tight. Both women are crying..along with Nick. Nick looks at Victoria, and asks her to look after their mom...she is going to need all the help she can get. Victoria promises her brother that she will do it. Sharon runs to Nick..and asks him how this could be happening. But now Nick is led away by the guard. Cole hangs on to Victoria and Nikki..while Victor hangs on to Sharon. Nick Newman is led away...to PRISON.


Ep. 5,752 Thursday 30th November, 1995


(Aired Tuesday 23rd November, 1999 in Perth)

(Aired 19th July, 2000 on TF1 France)




(Carla aka Tweety-About.com summary)


Victor and Nikki arrive back at the ranch, devastated. Nikki is in tears...she cant believe this is happening to her son...and family. "Nikki...I will do everything in my power to make sure that our son will soon be back home with us again....I wont ever give up." Nikki tells Victor that she is scared...but Victor tells her to try and not worry about it.

Paul and Christine...arrive at the hospital where Amy is at. Christine tells Paul that she should go in by herself...because Amy is comfortable around men. Paul tells her that he understands....and will wait for her outside. When Christine enters Amy's room...Amy is glad to see her. Christine asks her if she has remembered anything..but Amy shakes her head no....then tells Christine that all she wants to do is sleep...so that she will never remember. Christine tells Amy that she must remember....for her own sake..otherwise Amy will never ever get well...but Amy says no...she does not want to remember anything. Soon Amy has had enough..and asks Christine to leave....Christine does so..but turns to Amy and tells her that she will be back.


Sharon arrives home in tears. Mrs Collins is waiting for her...she heard on the news about Nicks hearing..and is ready to comfort her daughter. Mrs Collins tells Sharon that she must not feel any bitterness towards the jury or anyone else. Sharon turns towards her mother and tells her that the only bitterness she feels is towards Matt Clarke. "How can the jury believe a scum like him...and not believe Nick....he's innocent mom...what am I going to do without him...what will we both be like when he is out of prison...I have lost him forever now." Mrs Collins tells Sharon not to talk like that....Nick might not have to serve a long jail sentence..and in time because of their love for one another, things will be back to normal." Sharon shakes her head no...and tells her mom that normal will never be with her.


Brad and Jack are called into Brad's office by Victor. Both men are waiting for Victor to arrive...wondering what is going on. Victor soon arrives and tells the men about Nick's hearing...then Victor goes on to say that he will be in the office less and less...he wants to spend every waking hour trying to clear his son. Brad understands..and tells Victor to take all the time that he needs, Victor looks at Jack...but Jack isnt talking. "Jack...are you listening...what is going on with you." Jack apologises to both men..and tells them that he is preoccupied with something else." Victor wants to know whats going on...as does Brad. "I'm sorry to be the bearer of more bad news...but last night...my sister's husband Blade was killed...a train hit his car head on...and Blade was killed instantly." Both Victor and Brad are in a state of shock...Victor shakes Jack's hand...and tells him to wish Ashley the best.


Paul and Christine are at Gina's for dinner...but either one of them are hungry. Paul then comes up with an idea..and asks the waiter for a chocolate sundae, with two spoons. Christine starts to laugh...and thanks Paul for his idea. Both are upset about Nick. As each one of them are feeding each other...Phyllis walks in..and sees the two of them together. "My my Christine...dont you both look so happy." Phyllis leaves the resturant before they see her.


Victor goes to the Abbott mansion..and talks with Ashley. Ashley cant believe that this is happening to her again. Victor tells her that this pain she is feeling will take time..but there are so many people around her who are there to help her. Ashley smiles at Victor..and tells him she is very lucky in that respect.


Christine is working at home for the rest of the day..when the doorbell rings. Its a delivery man...with some flowers for her. Christine cant believe how thoughtful Paul is..but when she reads the card..she is stunned to learn that the flowers are from Danny. "Chris....I know you were involved with the Nick Newman trial...and I am sorry to hear about the outcome...hope these will help your day." As Christine is arranging the flowers...there is another knock on the door..this time its Phyllis.


Christine asks Phyllis what she is doing here...Phyllis asks Christine if she could come in and speak with her for awhile....unfortunately, Christine lets her in. "I saw you and Paul today at Gina's...and I couldnt help but see how happy the two of you are....Christine...when do you plan on marrying him...or are you just stringing him along." Christine is stunned...and tells Phyllis that whatever plans she and Paul have made or not....its not her business. "I know what you are up to Phyllis...you want me out of the way...so I wont be a problem for you to try and win Danny back...well I think you should listen to me now..and listen good....I am not your problem....you are your own problem..you cant face the fact that Danny does not love you." Phyllis smiles at Christine..and tells her that she doesnt want Danny anymore..and that she is going through with the divorce...and that she is already seeing someone. But Christine doesnt believe her motive...and tells her so. "Look Phyllis...there really is no reason that you should be here...so can you please leave." Phyllis stands there and takes one last look at Christine...then leaves. But outside Christine's door...Phyllis tells herself that Christine better watch out.


Ep. 5,753 Friday 1st December, 1995


(Aired Wednesday 24th November, 1999 in Perth)




(Carla aka Tweety- About.com summary)


Victor recieves a phone call at the ranch from the judge’s office. Nick's sentence hearing is set for today at 1.00pm. When Nikki comes down the stairs, and Victor tells her...Nikki is frantic. "Victor....please with all the money and power that you have....isn’t there something that you can do to save our son." Victor tells Nikki that he has done all he could do....it’s now in the judge's hand...but he tells Nikki that he will never stop fighting to prove Nick's innocence.

Christine is getting ready to head into the office when Danny comes over. He asks her to give him a minute of her time. Christine thanks Danny for the flowers...then asks him what he thought of Phylli's latest stunt. Danny doesnt know what Christine is talking about. Christine is shocked..and tells Danny about Phyllis coming over to see her. Danny is stunned also.....then asks Christine why she doesnt trust Phyllis right now. "Are you serious...after what she has done....you expect me to trust her...for your sake Danny, I hope she goes through with this divorce...but somehow I doubt it." Christine has to rush out to the office now...Danny asks her if he can make a phone call...Christine doesnt mind, as long as he locks up after he leaves. When Christine is gone.....Danny telephones Phyllis to ask if he can see the baby...but Phyllis isnt home...and Joanie tells him its okay. Danny then asks Joanie to let Phyllis know that he's on his way.


The Newman family and Sharon arrive at the courthouse. Nick is bought in after everyone has been seated. The prosecution tells the judge that Nick has been found guilty, so now he pay for his crime. The judge turns to John and Mitchell...and asks them if anything is going to be said before the sentencing. Mitchell tells the courtroom that both Nick’s parents want to say something. The judge allows for this to happen.


Phyllis arrives home shortly after Danny's phone call. Joanie gives her the message about Danny arriving any minute. When Joanie turns to go and get the baby....Phyllis stops her...and tells her to take the rest of the day off...she can handles things from now on. When Joanie leaves...Phyllis telephones Peter Garret...and asks him to stop by and visit her. Peter agrees..and tells her he will be right over. When Peter gets there, Phyllis has changed into a sexy outfit...and has little Danny waiting and ready for her next plan. She asks him for coffee..then asks him to hold the baby while she is gone. As Phyllis walks out...the doorbell rings.


Victor Newman stands up in front of the judge...and pleads for his son to be set free. "Your honour....I believe in the American Justice System....but I also believe that the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt...and that has not been done here. Your honour....I ask you to look at the trial transcripts again...and realise that my son Nicholas Newman is not guilty...and should be set free....please."


Nikki Newman stands up in court, and begs the judge to set her son free as well. "Your honour...Nicholas has been bought up to know right from wrong...he would never do such a horrible crime...and he has let his innocence be known right from the start of this trial... you must believe him...he is not capable of such a thing." "Your honour...I dont know if you have any children.....but as a mother.....please set him free....Nick has suffered enough because of this...he is innocent...beyond a reasonable doubt."


The judge thanks Nick's parents for speaking up about their son..and asks Nick if he has anything to say. Nick stands up and tells the judge that first..he wants to say something to his family. "Mom...dad...I thankyou for what you have said today....I'm sorry about putting you all through this....I love you...and thank you for standing behind me." "Sharon, I love you very much....I thankyou for helping me cope with all this....without you by my side, I would never of made it." Then Nick turns to the judge and tells him that he is innocent..and always has been....and that his mom was right...his parents have taught him right from wrong...and he knows that violence is not the way to handle things..but discussion is.


Phyllis answers the door..and sees Danny standing there. Danny is looking at Phyllis strangely. "Well Phyllis...arent you going to let me in." Phyllis smiles at Danny and tells him that she did not know he was coming over. Danny asks her if she got the message from Joanie..but Phyllis says no. Phyllis then invites Danny inside...and Danny is stunned to see a strange man holding his son. When Phyllis introduces the two men, Danny asks Peter if he can have back his son. Peter agrees...and Danny asks to speak with Phyllis alone. Danny asks Phyllis if he could have some time alone with his son....and not have a stranger watch over him. Danny tells Phyllis that he will take the baby to his place, if Phyllis wanted some time alone with Peter...but Phyllis says no....she will work something out. Phyllis goes to Peter..and apologises to him...but Peter tells her that he understands, and will see her later.


Christine and Paul are having lunch at Gina's and waiting for Mary Williams to arrive. Christine is nervous to tell Mary that they have set a wedding date once again. Paul tries to calm Christine down..and tells her that she is not to blame for any of this. "Chris, my mother has never liked anyone of my girlfriends." Christine laughs and tells Paul should she be flattered by that statement. Then Christine goes off to powder her nose.


Mary Williams arrives...and is happy to be spending some time alone with her son. As Paul is about to tell her that they are not alone....in walks Christine. Mary is angry that she wasnt told about this...and walks up to leave. Paul stops her, and tells her to sit down...both he and Christine want to try and work things out...and that they have some news to share with her. Mary sits down...as Paul tells her that Christine is pregnant. Mary is in a state of shock...and can hardly utter a word. "Thats right mom, Christine is pregnant...and we have decided that if its a girl..we will name her Mary." Mary is still too shocked to speak...but Christine punches Paul..and tells him to stop. Its then that Mary realises that her son was joking with her...but Mary isnt happy about it.


After hearing from all the people in the court....the judge asks Nicholas Newman to stand up. "This has been a hard case to decide on...but I must go with what the jury has decided....you Mr Newman were found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt...for the attempted murder of Mathew Clarke...and for that I sentence you to no less than 15 years in prison." "This case is adjourned."


Nikki and Victoria start to sob in the courtroom....Nick turns to his family, and tells Sharon not to wait for him...and for her to get on with her life. As Nick is led away to prison, Victor turns to hold a crying Sharon. When Victor pulls away from her, and goes to see the lawyers.....Sharon is left standing alone...with a distraught Nikki beside her. Suddenly Nikki looks up, and into Sharon's eyes...with such hatred and contempt. Sharon is herself amazed at the look Nikki Newman is giving her.






Ep. 5,754 Monday 4th December, 1995


(Aired Friday 2nd July, 1999 in Melbourne)

(Aired Thursday 25th November, 1999 in Perth)

(Aired Friday 21st July, 2000 TF1 France)


Drucilla thank Nathan for having ascended the straps. He decides to buy a ring and goes to a jeweler.

Malcolm learns that inherits the studio Blade.

Returning from the funeral of Blade, Ashley was visited by Mari Jo, then Rick.

The Newman family is overthrown by the verdict, while Matt is terribly satisfied.

Sharon tells Doris that Nicholas will probably spend the next fifteen years of his life in prison. She did not intend to abandon either.

In turn, Nikki wants to do everything for Sharon Collins kind of life Nicholas.


Day episode: Same day.



◾ The verdict in the trial of Nicholas fell that morning.

◾ Nicholas received a sentence of 15 years in prison.

◾ The Blade funeral took place today.

◾ Rick and Ashley met formally in March.


The Newman family arrive back at the ranch after hearing Nick's sentence. Victor tells Miguel about Nick...everyone is still devastated. After sitting down, with no-one speaking, Victor wonders why Sharon isnt with them. "Nikki....you did invite her to be with us, didnt you." Nikki turns away from Victor...she has such a hatred look on her face. "No Victor, I didnt...sometimes family needs to be together without outsiders around." Victor tells Nikki that she must stop talking this way....Sharon is apart of their lives, and the sooner Nikki accepts it...the better of everyone will be. Nikki and Victor start to fight about this, with Cole and Victoria watching. Victor tells Nikki this isnt the time to talk like this...but very soon one day...he and her will have this out once and for all. Victor decides to go back to his apartment...he wishes Nikki and Victoria goodbye. Once Victor leaves...so does Cole, Victoria wants to have a talk with her mom..she tells Cole she will be home later.

The Abbott family come back from viewing Blade's body. Everyone gathers around Ashley, including Jill. Ashley thanks them all for their support...but asks them if they can leave her alone now. As Jack is walking away...Ashley tells him that she doesnt know how to contact Blade's twin brother Rick. Jack suggests to Ashley that maybe Mary Jo could help her out. Ashley thinks thats a good idea too.


Mrs Collins comes out of her bedroom..and sees Sharon looking outside her window. "Oh Sharon...I didnt realise that you were home....tell me girl....what did Nick get." Sharon starts to cry...and tells her mom that Nick has received 15 years of prison. "Mom, when Nick was being led away...he looked at me..and told me not to wait for him anymore, to get on with my life." "How can I do that...when Nick was my life." Mrs Collins tells Sharon to take things day by day...and let the rest be. "What is wrong Sharon..there is something else thats bothering you.....you cant hide anything from me girl....tell me what it is." Sharon tells her mother about the way Nikki was looking at her...with such hatred in her eyes. "Mom...if looks could kill....Mrs Abbott would sure have me that way....its almost like she blames me for all this trouble." Mrs Collins tells Sharon not to worry about Nikki Abbotts feelings....she needs to worry about herself now.


Rick is in the florist. He wants the best and brightest bouquet of flowers delivered, with no card...and in the hour. As Ashley is sitting down...the doorbell rings. When the flowers are delivered to her with no card...she telephones the florist. The owner tells her that the man wanted it this way..and he's sorry that he couldnt be more of a help. Ashley thanks him....and hangs up the phone.


Malcolm is taking photo's of Keisha...when a man in a suit walks in. He tells Malcolm that he is Blade's private attorney...and he needs to speak with him. Malcolm knows what this is about....because of Blade's death...Malcolm has to close up shop. The attorney laughs at Malcolm and tells him he is getting a bit carried away with himself. "No Mr Winters, thats not why I am here.....Blade has put in his will that in his death...the business now belongs to you...if you want it that is." Malcolm is stunned. "Wait a minute....are you telling me that I have first option to buy this business...but I dont have the cash that I need." The attorney says no.....the business has been paid for....its Malcolm's to have. Malcolm is still stunned..but overjoyed...he accepts this deal...and thanks the attorney.


Once again...Ashley is stiiting down alone in the dark...looking at her marriage photo, when the doorbell rings. Its Mary Jo...offering her condolences. Ashley tells Mary Jo that she has a right to be at Blade's funeral service...she was apart of his life after all. Mary Jo thanks her...and tells her if there is anything that she can do for her...please let her know. Ashley then asks Mary Jo about how to find Rick. Mary Jo tenses up...and tells Ashley she has no idea either...she hasnt seen Rick in a very long time. As Mary Jo is preparing to leave...the doorbell rings once again.


Victoria tells her mother that she has to accept Sharon Collins...because Nick is very much in love with her. "Victoria...I could never say this to your father...but I will say this to you, that girl will never be apart of this family...ever, and I will do anything and everything that I can to make sure this happens." "If it wasnt for her....my son would not be where he is tonight...and I will make her pay for this...count on that."


When Ashley opens the door...she is stunned. "Hello Ashley...I heard the terrible news about my brother....I had to come." Its Rick....Ashley allows him to come inside her home, where Rick sees Mary Jo. Both pretend that they haven’t seen each other for awhile, but things are pretty tense. "Rick...Mary Jo and I were just talking about trying to find you, please forgive me...but I cant help but see Blade in you." Rick tells Ashley that he understands..then takes her hand...and tells Ashley he will do anything and everything he can...to make sure she gets through this terrible time. Ashley then hugs Rick ever so hard, with tears in her eyes....and thinking that she is holding her husband. While Rick looks over Ashley's shoulder...and smiles an evil grin at a stunned Mary Jo.


Ep. 5,755 Tuesday 5th December, 1995


(Aired Monday 5th July, 1999 in Melbourne)

(Aired Friday 26th November, 1999 in Perth)

(Aired Monday 24th July, 2000 TF1 France)


(Wiki summary)



Nicholas arrives at the prison. A man named Warton seems not at all to appreciate his presence. He tells Nicholas that he will have to respect him and if not, he will have serious problems.

Victor brings together his lawyers with Paul and Christine to help his son. He explains the procedure to clear his son.

Sharon goes to Paul’s office and tells him that she is ready to do anything to help Nicholas out of prison.

Ashley introduced Rick Bladeson, the twin brother of Blade, to her family.  Ashley and John suggest to Rick that he spend the night with them. To the dismay of Mari Jo, Rick agrees.

Malcolm tells Neil he inherited the studio from Blade.  Neil warns Keesha not to cause any trouble for Malcolm.

Nathan gives his wife a lavish ring. He also explains to Olivia, who is very moved, that he is eager to have other children ...


(Malcolm’s summary)

John is shocked to see Rick, but Ashley explains that the man is Blade’s twin brother.  They invite him to stay in their guest room when he reveals that he hasn’t booked anywhere to stay yet.  Jack asks how Rick knew that Blade was dead when Rick is always on the road travelling.  Rick said he was passing through on his way to Milwaukee and saw it on the front page of a newspaper.

Victor calls Paul, saying he’s scheduling an emergency “strategy meeting” to discuss ways to free Nicholas.  Christine goes with Paul to Newman Enterprises and they find John Silva and Mitchell Sherman already there.  Victor asks what it will take to get the verdict overturned and Mitchell said there would need to be a new trial.  John says it would be an uphill battle, but Victor says he likes uphill battles and most of the ones he’s fought over the years, he’s won.

Nick and the other prisoners are taken to the prison for the first time.  Larry Warton handed out their clothes.

Nathan gives Olivia a ruby ring in a box- he gets Nate to give it to her.  She said it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever gotten.

Neil and Dru discuss Nathan- Dru reveals that Nathan paid her a visit today and thanked her for setting him straight about Keesha and how important Olivia is to him.  Dru and Neil wonder if he’s genuine.

Malcolm rang Neil to tell him that Blade left him the studio in his will.  Malcolm urges Keesha to stay for when Neil arrives.

The show ends when Warton threatens Nick, saying that his father can’t help him in here, and tells him not to get on the wrong side of the “Wart man”.


(Carla aka Tweety- About.com summary)



Christine and Paul are still devastated over Nick’s guilty verdict..and his sentencing. "Chris...I'm not giving up....I will find whatever I can to help Nick out." Christine tells Paul that there's not much else anyone can do now...Nick was tried...and found guilty. Paul's telephone rings...its Victor Newman. He wants to have a meeting with Paul...and Victor asks him if he could bring Christine Blair as well.

Nick has arrived in prison. He is told about the rules regarding his stay in here for the next 15 years. The warden introduces them to the man who will be handing out their prison uniform. The man takes one look at Nick..and realises how fresh he is. When he calls out Nicks name....the man grabs Nick's hand. "Well...well...look who we have here....a virgin." Nick removes his hand..and tells the man he is no such thing. The man grabs Nicks hand..and tells Nick to look how soft it is...and how they aren’t a mans working hands. "I suppose with all the money that you have rich boy....you don’t need to work" Nick is stunned. "Yes...I know who you are...so does everyone else around here...your picture has been in the papers for weeks now."


Drucilla tells Neil about Nathan coming over and seeing her...and thanking her for not spilling the beans to Olivia about his affair with Keisha. Neil asks his wife if she thinks Nathan is being sincere..but Drucilla doesn’t know yet. Neil gets a telephone call from Malcolm...asking Neil to come to the photo studio pronto...Malcolm has some news for him.


While Rick is talking to Ashley and Mary Jo...John Abbott walks in. "Oh my god." Ashley quickly runs over to her father and tells him this is not Blade...but his twin brother. John is speechless..for a second he thought that Blade was standing right in front of him. Soon all the other Abbotts gather around. John asks Rick where he is staying...Rick tells them in a motel. John turns to Ashley and asks her if its alright that he stay in their guest room. Ashley tells Rick its okay....that way they can get to know each other. Mary Jo is stunned at Rick's performance. When Rick leaves to get his overnight bags, Mary Jo tells the Abbott that she has to be going.


Olivia is working at home tonight. Nathan and the baby walk in, and ask her to spend some quality time with the two of them. Olivia is delighted to be with her family...as they are sitting down...little Nate gives him mom a gift from him and his daddy. Olivia is shocked when she opens it......it’s a Ruby ring. Nathan tells Olivia that this is little Nate's birthstone ring...and that as she can see, there are more spaces to add anymore birthstones that may come along. Olivia looks up at her husband..."Does this mean what I think it means Nathan." Nathan laughs and says yes...he wants to have many more babies with Olivia...and Nathan thinks they should start trying tonight. Olivia couldn’t agree with her husband anymore.


Victor tells Paul and Christine that they must keep searching for new answers to get Nick out of jail. "I will stop at nothing to see my son back home with his family...I will do anything and everything that I possibly can." Paul tells Victor he will find some new leads to work on....Victor asks Christine to accompany him to Fairview...and see Amy Wilson. Christine tells Victor that she too will do everything that she can.


Neil arrives at the studio..and sees Keisha and Malcolm kissing. Malcolm is overjoyed and tells his brother about his good news. Neil tells his younger brother that he's worked hard for this, and deserves it all. Soon the telephone rings....Malcolm turns to Keisha and asks her to keep his brother company for a minute. When Malcolm leaves to answer the phone...Keisha tells Neil..."You aren’t happy to see me with your brother I presume." Neil tells Keisha that she is damn right...and if she ever hurts his brother in anyway...he will blow her right out of the water. Keisha smiles, and warns Neil not to say anything to Malcolm about her and Nathan...because in the end...its Malcolm who will get hurt, and not by her...but by his own brother.


Outside the Abbott home...Mary Jo asks Rick what the hell is he playing at. "I swear to you Rick, if you hurt either one of those people inside...I will tell everybody what’s going on." Rick smiles that evil grin..and tells Mary Jo that there is no way she will be able to prove it. "I'm warning you Rick, don’t hurt these kind people...they have done nothing to you...leave them alone." Rick tells Mary Jo that all he wants is to get to know his dead brother's wife and family...nothing else.


Ep. 5,756 Wednesday 6th December, 1995

(Aired Tuesday 6th July, 1999 in Melbourne)

(Aired Monday 29th November, 1999 in Perth)

(Aired 25th July, 2000 TF1 France)


Danny and Nina discuss Ryan and Christine.

Jill notes that Ryan is very good at his new job. Neil and Victoria hope that Ryan will return to Fishing Hell once the trial period finished at Jill.


Olivia expressed her happiness Drucilla. In fact, Nathan has agreed to have more children.

Stan Jackson, the former boyfriend Keesha is in the hospital. He decides to call Keesha, which hangs in the nose again. Determined at all costs to contact Stan wrote him a letter.

Jack supports Victor.

Victor and Christine decide to go see Amy, but Dr. Hemming objects.

Sharon reveals her past to Paul Williams. Paul decided to go to Madison to interview Frank Barritt, former boyfriend of Sharon.


(Carla aka Tweety- About.com summary)



Jack goes to see Victor in his office. Jack hopes by getting Victor involved with the company again, it might stop him from thinking about Nick so much. But Victor knows what Jack is up too, Victor thanks Jack for

helping him...but right now...he just wants to concentrate on getting his son out of jail. As Jack is about to leave..in walks Christine Blair...waiting to go with Victor to see Amy. Once Jack leaves the office...Victor thanks Christine for helping him....Christine says its her pleasure....Nick was wrongly convicted..and she too will do anything and

everything to help him.

Danny sees Nina at Gina's. Nina tells Danny about Ryan accepting the job offer with Jill Abbott. Danny tells Nina that she has nothing to worry about...Ryan loves her very much..and is committed to their marriage. Nina laughs...and thanks Danny for his advice.


Drucilla walks into Olivia's apartment..and see's Olivia crying. Drucilla quickly goes over to console her sister..and asks what’s wrong. Olivia tells her what Nathan gave her tonight..and how Nathan wants to try for another

baby. "Dru....I think about to a couple of months ago..when Nathan and I were having problems..and I cant believe how I thought he was having an affair....I was so wrong not to trust my husband...he was just having a hard time back then." Drucilla smiles and listens to Olivia, she cant say

anything...as Olivia still doesn’t know about Nathan's affair.


Dan is in hospital...the nurse asks if she can do anything for him. He asks her to bring him the telephone, he needs to make an important phone call. Once the nurse leaves the room...Dan telephones Keisha. Keisha is mad that Dan keeps harassing her...and she tells him to stop this once and for all. Dan tries to tell Keisha it isn’t what she thinks..he needs to tell her something, but Keisha isn’t interested. and hangs up oh him. Dan is frustrated...and starts to write a letter to her.


As Dr Hemming is leaving Amy’s room...Christine and Victor arrive. Dr Hemming tells them both that they cannot see Amy...it is too stressful for her. "Mr Newman...listen to me...tonight is the first time that I feel that we are making some progress here...if you go in there now and disturb

it...it will just take longer for Amy to start healing...and I know that you dont want that." "If you destroy what I am working for...and if Amy has information that can help your son...then it will take much longer...just leave Amy to me...and if anything comes up...I will let you know straight

away." Victor tells Dr Hemming that no matter what time or day it is...she must telephone him straight away. Dr Hemming agrees.


Drucilla goes to see Neil at work..and tells him what Nathan did tonight. "Honey....as much as I didn’t trust Nathan before...I think he's telling the truth now...I really think its over between Keisha and him now." Neil agrees too...and tells Drucilla about Blade leaving the studio to Malcolm, and how Keisha told him that she was in love with Malcolm. Neil is worried about his brother now...he has to find some way to get Keisha out of their lives for good...before his little brother is hurt.


Ep. 5,757 Thursday 7th December, 1995

(Aired Wednesday 7th July, 1999 in Melbourne)

(Aired Tuesday 30th November, 1999 in Perth)

(Did not air on TF1)


(Malcolm’s summary)


Neil calls Keesha and tells him to come over to his office at Jabot Cosmetics.  Neil tries to convince Keesha that she should tell Malcolm about her affair with Nathan.  If Malcolm loves her, he would still stand by her, Neil says.

Nathan tells Dru that he’s home alone and needs to talk to her now.  Dru told Nathan that if he slips up just once, she’s telling Olivia everything.

Ashley and Luan look at photos of Blade and choose one for the memorial service.

Jill tells Ashley that Blade was the only in the family who didn’t treat her like a lepor.

Jill gets a shock later when she sees Rick.

Jack sees Mari Jo in her office after she’s been cursing Rick.  He says “hey there, what’s going on in your mind?”

Nina visits Christine and tells her of how she spoke to Danny at Gina’s.  Paul then drops by and tells Christine that he’s going to Madison to interview Frank Barritt, Sharon’s ex-boyfriend.

Danny rings Phyllis to see Daniel.


(Carla aka Tweety- About.com summary)



Nina goes to see Christine in her office...and tells her about the talk she had with Danny the night before. Nina tells Christine that Danny is going to do anything and everything he can to win her back. Christine tells Nina

that she has told Danny time and time again that its over between them. Paul walks in...and Christine runs to him...and kisses him. Nina thinks this is to be her exit...and tells them both to have fun. Paul tells Christine that he is going to Madison, to talk with Sharon's exboyfriend. Paul wants to see what he has to say about Matt showing up there months ago.

Paul asks Christine if she can join him...but Christine says no...she has a ton of work to do already.

It’s Blade's funeral today. Ashley is talking to Luan when Jill walks in. Jill tells Ashley that she will just go upstairs and change..then she will be right down. Ashley is stunned. "Jill...are you coming to the service." Jill says yes...but Ashley isnt too thrilled about it. "Look Ashley...I

know how this family feels about me...but Blade was always nice to me..and never treated me like an outsider...I just want to pay my last respects to him...dont deny me that." Ashley shakes her head, and tells Jill to do whatever she wants...because she is not capable of fighting with her at the moment.


Mari Jo is in her office..thinking of ways to get rid of Rick...before he destroys the Abbotts, and her life. Especially with all the hopes she has about Jack and her getting back together again. Jack walks in, and asks Mari Jo whats wrong. Mari Jo smiles, and tells him that she is just sad, because of Blade. Jack understands..then asks her if she would like a ride to the funeral home. Mari Jo thanks him, but thinks its better that they take separate cars...just in case Ashley decides she doesnt want Mari Jo there.


Neil is sitting in his office, thinking about Keisha. He picks up the phone, and demands that Keisha come to his office in 20 minutes...if she knows what's good for her. Meanwhile...Nathan telephones Drucilla, and begs her to come to his home to talk with him.


Danny telephones Phyllis...and asks her if its alright that he come and visit with his son. Phyllis is thrilled once again..and tells Danny to come right over. Joanie walks in...and Phyllis tells her about Danny stopping by.


Keisha stops by Neil's office. Before Neil has a chance to say anything, Keisha tells him that she will not be blackmailed in any way. "Keisha..the other day you told me that you were in love with my brother...if thats so true..why dont you just tell him about your affair with Nathan...it will be better coming from you...then Malcolm finding out in other ways." Keisha tells Neil that Malcolm will never find out...unless he or Drucilla tells him. "Keisha..we are a very tight knit family...it will come out sooner or later...I suggest you be the one to tell Malcolm first." As Keisha is about to respond to Neil's comment, in walks Malcolm. "What are you doing here

Keisha." Neil tells his brother that he called Keisha in to his office...so that he can get to know her better. Malcolm looks at Keisha...and Keisha nods her head. "Yes..that’s right." Soon Neil gets a telephone call...and has to leave his office.


Nathan tells Drucilla that he is a changed man..and begs her to keep her mouth shut. Drucilla tells him that for now, she will...but if he slips up in any way shape or form....she will go straight to her sister, and tell her everything. "Nathan...the only thing I want to hear from Olivia..is how happy she is, and how well and good you are treating her and my nephew...thats all I want to hear...you got it." Nathan promises her that’s all she will hear.


Christine has finished her work for the day...she looks at her watch..and decides to call Paul in his office. When Paul answers the phone...Christine is glad that he is still in town. "I'm glad I caught you, guess what...I got most of my work done...so I was thinking that I might just join you after all." Paul is happy..and tells Christine that they can have a romantic overnight trip away. Christine tells Paul that she is looking forward to it..then hangs up. But Christine sits there for a moment...and thinks about Danny.


Ep. 5,758 Friday 8th December, 1995


(Aired Thursday 8th July, 1999 in Melbourne)

(Aired Wednesday 1st December, 1999 in Perth)

(Aired 26th July, 2000 TF1)


(Wiki summary)

Nathan and Keesha are their last farewell. Soon after, Malcolm visits the young woman, who tells him his past.

Keesha receives a letter from Stan Jackson, her former boyfriend, but refuses to open.

In Madison, Paul and Christine Frank Barritt question. They learn that Matt was also Frank came to ask about Sharon a few months earlier.

At the prison, Nicholas is increasingly threatened by Warton. Victor visits his son and promises him out of jail.

Dr. Hemming had a conversation with Amy. When Victor arrives and asks the doctor to meet the young woman, they realize that Amy disappeared. The young woman has decided to go to Matt ...


(Carla aka Tweety- About.com summary)


Victor visits his son in jail..and asks him how its going. Nick tells Victor that it’s no picnic in here, but he's handling it. Victor asks him if anyone knows who he is. Nick says yes...but tells his father not to do anything ...otherwise it will cause more problems for him.

"Son...someway...somehow, I will find a way to get you out of here...never give up hope." Nick hugs his father, and tells him he knows that he is trying everything.

Nick is getting harrassed in prison by an inmate called "Mr Warden". He knows who Nick's father is, and wants something. Mr Warden has arranged to share a cell with Nick. Nick asks the man what he wants from him. "Well..that all depends on you Nick...if your good to me...things will run smoothly in here for you...if your against me...you will have the roughest time in your life." Nick turns away.


Paul and Christine go to Madison, and visit Sharon's ex-boyfriend. He tells Paul and Christine about the visit he had from Matt Clarke many months ago...although Matt isnt the name he is used back then. He said his name was Dean...and that he was a reporter for some University, that was doing a story about Homecoming Queens. Paul and Christine have reached a dead end...they thank Frank..and leave.


Keisha telephones Nathan..and asks him to stop by. When Nathan arrives...Keisha gives him some clothing he left behind. Both talk about the times they shared together..and how wonderful it was, while it lasted. Keisha hugs nathan,and says goodbye...she's moved on with Malcolm. As Nathan walks away, he tells Keisha that he will never forget her.


Dr Hemming talks with Amy. Amy asks the doctor about Victor Newman, and why he comes to visit her. Dr Hemming tells Amy that she used to be good friends with Victor's son Nick. But Amy doesnt remember him...Amy tells the doctor that sometimes...Victor Newman scares her. Dr Hemming asks Amy about her friends and her old life..but Amy says she doesnt have any friends....and she's happy living where she is..but the doctor tells Amy that she wont be here forever..because when she gets better...she will move on. Amy says no...she doesnt want to leave. Dr Hemming decides to stop talking with Amy for the day...and tells Amy she will talk to her tomorrow.


Drucilla visits Malcolm in the studio. Malcolm tells her that he can arrange to have some Ballet tickets for the next weekend..if she and Neil are interested. Drucilla tells him of course..then Malcolm claps his hands together and says great...he will book 4 tickets. Soon Drucilla realises that he intends to bring Keisha..and then tells Malcolm that she and Neil cant make it. "Dru..whats up with you...you were all for it, until I mentioned Keisha." Drucilla tells Malcolm that she doesnt know what he's talking about, she just remembered that because of Christmas time..she is very busy. Malcolm shakes his head, and tells Drucilla that he will get to the bottom of this..and find out whats going on.


Paul tells Christine that they need to find out where Matt Clark bought his gun from...that will prove that Matt owned the gun that shot him..which proves he lied on the witness stand. Paul tells Christine that he searched all the gun shops in Genoa City...and on the streets. Suddenly Christine comes up with an idea. "Paul...how about here in Madison....Matt sure had enough time to check the city out, who knows...maybe he bought the gun from here." Paul thinks about it..and decides that Christine might be onto something.


Victor arrives at Pineview Hospital...where he runs into Dr Hemming. "Mr Newman..before you go in and see Amy...I would like to talk to you for a few minutes" "I spoke with Amy earlier on today, and she asked me about you....I tried to bring up your son's name...but Amy doesnt seem to remember him." Victor tells the doctor that time is running out..he must find some answers before his son is physically hurt in prison. "All I'm saying to you is...go easy with Amy...I feel that I am starting to make a break through with her....dont mess things up now Mr Newman." Victor and the doctor walk in Amy's room, but she isnt there. A nurse walks by..and Dr Hemming asks her to get Amy back in here.


The Nurse arrives a few minutes later...without Amy. "I'm sorry Dr Hemming..but Amy isnt here, I've looked everywhere for her." Victor stares at the nurse...."are you telling me that Amy Wilson has left this hospital..and you dont know where she is." Dr Hemming turns and looks at Victor Newman.


Meanwhile....Amy is all wrapped up in a black coat..and is standing in front of an apartment door. As Amy is about to knock....we see the name. Its MATT CLARKE'S APARTMENT.


Ep. 5,759 Monday 11th December, 1995


(Aired Friday 9th July, 1999 in Melbourne)

(Aired Thursday 2nd December, 1999 in Perth)

(Aired 27th July, 2000 TF1France)


(Wiki summary)

Paul and Christine are looking for new evidence to revive the trial of Nicholas. Because Victor will not stop there.

Meanwhile, Danny reads a posthumous letter from her father.


(Carla aka Tweety- About.com summary)



Dr Hemming apologises to Victor...nobody in the hospital saw Amy leave. Dr Hemming orders her staff to search again...until they find her. Victor tells the doctor that Amy Wilson must be found, if anyone else see's her...it could do damage to his son's case. Dr Hemming tells Victor she will do everything possible to keep that from happening.

Amy is standing there just looking at Matt Clark's name on his door. She starts to shake, when somebody walks up behind her. "Can I help you." Amy turns around and is stunned to see Matt Clark. "Oh my god...Amy." Matt is just as stunned..and the two just stare at each other. Soon Amy panics, and runs off. Matt yells out her name..but Amy doesnt come back.


Matt is sitting in his apartment..thinking about Amy..when a knock sounds on his door. Matt quietly walks over..and opens his door fast. Drake is on the other end, stunned. "Man...what did you do that for." Matt walks back in..and doesnt say anything. "Matt..whats up with you...you look like you've seen a ghost." Matt turns, and says he has...he just saw Amy Wilson. Drake wants to know whats going on between the two of them. Matt tells his friend its best that he doesnt know. Drake leaves it at that..then leaves.


Christine and Paul start their search at the gun shops. One by one, they go through all the shops in Madison...without any luck. The next shop they enter, is with a young man. Christine shows him the picture of Matt Clarke..and asks him if he has seen this guy. The young man looks at the picture, then at Christine and Paul. "Are you cops." Paul says no...they are private investigators. The man then says yes...this guy was in here a few months ago...wanting to buy a gun under the counter. "I had only been working here for a few weeks..and I didnt want to get into trouble...so I called the boss lady out, she took him out the back..and talked with him." Paul asks to see his boss. Soon a lady named Laura comes out. "Yes..I'm Laura...can I help you both." Paul asks the same question to her, as he did with the young man. Laura looks at the photo..then tells Christine and Paul that she has never seen this guy before. Christine steals a look at the young man...who's in shock.


Danny and Catherine Chancellor get together. Danny hugs her, and tells her its been awhile. Soon Catherine is asking Danny about his marriage...and Danny tells her that he's currently going through with a divorce. Catherine is glad for Danny. "Now the important question...how is our darling Christine." Danny smiles, and tells Catherine that she is still engaged to Paul...but he will put a stop to it. Catherine goes to her desk..and pulls out an envelope. "Danny, when your father died, I found this with his will...he stated that you not be given this letter until a year after his death...now its yours." Danny is stunned...he pulls the letter out, and starts to read it. Rex wrote to Danny saying how happy he was to have Danny as a son...and now after all this time has passed..he hopes that he and Christine are together again. Danny turns to Catherine..and tells her he's going to do his best...for himself, and for his dad.


Mary Jo telephones Rick..and orders him to come to her office to see her. When Rick arrives, he threatens Mary Jo. "I know that you want Jack Abbott...if you mess up my plans with Ashley, I will blow you right out of the water...you can count on that Mary Jo." Mary Jo tells Rick to get out, as he is leaving..in walks Jill Abbott.


"Jill..what can I do for you." Jill looks at Mary Jo..and tells her that she was wondering the same thing. Jill goes on to say that she knows something is going on between her, and Blade's twin brother. At first Mary Jo tries to deny it...but cant in the end. "Jill...please let me handle

this...I know what I'm doing." Jill says okay..but if Mary Jo needs her...to give her a call. Then Jill leaves. Mary Jo turns around and says to herself...."I might just be making that phone call to you Jill."


Laura insists that she did not sell a gun to this guy. Christine tells Paul to leave it alone..besides they wanted to look a some tackle boxes while they were there. Paul gets the message..and the two pretend to be interested. Laura leaves to go to the back room..while the young man serves Christine. Its then that Christine asks him about Matt. "Your boss did sell a gun to this man...didnt he." The young man starts to look nervous. "All I know is...he came in here wanting a gun...and he left here with a gun." Christine nods..and asks him if he will be willing to come back with them to Genoa City, and sign a statement. The young man says no...he will lose his job.


Victor tells Dr Hemming that he is going back to his office...if Amy is found..he wants to know straight away. The nurse knocks on the door...and tells them that Amy is back. Amy comes in....Dr Hemming asks her where she has been..but all Amy is saying is that she wants to sleep. Amy walks over to her bed..and lyes down. Victor leaves..but tells the doctor to find out where Amy went.


Dr Hemming allows Amy to sleep..and as she walks out the room..the nurse comes back. "Dr Hemming...the men in the laundry room found this in Amys pillow." Dr Hemming looks at the cup, and inside is all of Amy's medication. "Amy why....what are you trying to hide."


Ep. 5,760 Tuesday 12th December, 1995


(Aired Monday 6th December, 1999 in Perth)

(Aired 28th July, 2000 TF1)


Victor criticizes Dr Hemming over the disappearance of Amy. He regrets that she could get away without anyone noticing. He also disapproves of Amy’s slow progress.

Amy is starting to make strides and slowly regaining her memory.

Nikki is horrified because Nicholas refuses to meet her in prison. Indeed, the young man wants to avoid hurting his family.

Jill goes to the office of John Silva to know the legacy that John Abbott has provided for her and her son. John and Jill Silva then kiss passionately.

Jack gives his wife a beautiful necklace. Luan and Jack seem to angels.

Ashley worked heart and soul to erase some despair. Brad visited him and advised him not to work so much.


Rick Ashley invited to dinner to console each other and exchange ideas.  At the restaurant, Mari Jo Jill sees them and warns that Rick probably bad intentions about Ashley.

Jill Ashley learns that Blade died on the way back to the house and not heading to the studio. Jill seems determined to prove the shenanigans of Rick.


(Carla aka Tweety- About.com summary)



Dr Hemming is looking at Amy, when Victor walks in. "Have you found out anything yet Dr." The doctor turns around..and asks to speak with Victor outside Amy's bedroom. "Mr Newman, your presence here is very disturbing to Amy...now I thought I made that clear to you earlier this evening." Victor

tells the doctor that Amy is very important to his son's future. Soon the two start to argue once again...when finally the doctor tells Victor that maybe he should get another doctor to care for Amy, if he isnt happy with her performance. Paul and Christine show up at this time. Dr Hemming tells all of them that she is trying her best where Amy is concerned...and pushing her at this time is probably going to get Amy to shrink further and further away. Christine tells Victor that the doctor is right, he just needs to give Amy more time. Victor asks Paul and Christine back to his office. As the three of them are walking away...Victor turns around to Dr Hemming. "Dr...I'm sorry if I offended you...but I cant stand the thought of my son being in prison for something he has not done...Amy is my only hope." Dr Hemming tells Victor that she understands..and will do everything that she can.


Rick goes to see Ashley at work. He asks her out for dinner. At first Ashley declines his invitation, but then decides to go ahead. They arrrive at Gina's...where Mary Jo sees them. Mary Jo looks at the way Rick is looking at Ashley. "I've got to get Rick out of town..and away from the

Abbotts." Soon Mary Jo leaves Gina's without her order.


Back in her office...Mary Jo waits for Jill Abbott. "Mary Jo...I came as soon as you called...whats wrong..you sounded frantic over the telephone." Mary Jo tells Jill about Rick and her...and their past together. Jill is stunned that in went this deep. "Why are you so concerned about Rick

now..its obvious you hate the man." Mary Jo tells Jill that she thinks Rick is trying to worm his way into the Abbott family...and Ashleys bed. "Jill..you dont understand...never underestimate Rick...he's evil, and I need all the help that I can get." Jill tells Mary Jo that she can be just as evil as Rick too, and now maybe the man has finally met his match.


Paul and Christine tell Victor about their trip to Madison. They tell him that Matt Clarke did in fact buy a gun in Madison...and it was all done illegaly. Victor pleads with Paul to get closer on that angle, and asks Christine to spend more time with Amy...because Amy seems to trust Christine

more. Christine tells Victor that she will be glad too.


Dr Hemming asks Amy why she hasnt been taking her medication. "Amy...the other day, you called me your friend...and a friend wouldnt do anything to harm you." "I promise you Amy, that the medication may help you...but it

certainly wont harm you...I would never do that to you." Amy just sits by the window...gazing out into the snow.


Victor arrives at the ranch. "Victor...I'm glad you came by so soon....I want you to take me to the prison...I want to see our son." Victor seats down..and tells Nikki that Nick has requested that nobody come to see him...especially his mother, and sister...and also Sharon. "Nikki...please

try to understand Nick...he doesnt want you to see him like this...I had a hard time seeing him myself." Nikki starts to cry. "Victor...how can I help my son...if he wont even let me see him....how can I help him." Victor holds Nikki while she cries.


Just as Christine is about to leave to visit Amy...Danny stops by. "Chris...I need to have a minute of your time...please." Christine hesitates..then decides to let Danny in. "I just came from seeing Catherine...she gave me something that my father wanted me to have...and since it concerns you, I thought that you might like to see it." Christine is puzzled...then Danny pulls out the letter, and gives it to her. Christine starts to read the letter that Rex wrote to his son. As Christine reads on..she realises that Rex's wish for his son was for him and her to be reunited once again..and maybe have a baby of their own. Christine starts to cry..and puts the letter down on the table..without reading it all. Danny picks it up..and finishes the letter for her. "Danny....I'm so sorry....I would do anything for Rex, but this is one request that will never come true." Christine starts to cry more and more...soon Danny is

holding her in his arms. When Christine realises what is happening..she pulls away. Danny looks into her eyes. "Christine...my father was right...there is something special between us..and you cant deny that, no matter how hard you try." Then Danny walks away.


"Amy...I think its about time you started to remember little things about yourself." "Of all the people that I have spoken with...they talk about a very pretty and popular girl..who loved and lived life to the fullest...now that girl isnt with us anymore...but I want to try and get her back...will you help me." Amy turns to look at Dr Hemming. "Help you....how." "Amy...whats your last name." Amy just sits and stares at the doctor. "I dont understand, last name." Dr Hemming smiles at Amy. "Amy everyone has a last name...whats yours." Amy sits there..and tries to remember. "Amy...my name is Amy....Amy... Wilson." Dr Hemming is stunned...."What did you say." Amy repeats it once again...my name is Amy Wilson. Dr Hemming tells Amy that she's right. Amy is overjoyed...and then turns to look at the pills beside her bed. "Its time." Amy stands up and goes, and takes the pills. "You said this could help me, and not harm me." Dr Hemming nods her head...."yes Amy...thats right...I wont ever lie to you."


Ep. 5,761 Wednesday 13th December, 1995


(Aired Tuesday 7th December, 2000 in Perth)

(Aired Monday 31st July, 2000 TF1 France)


After reading the police report on the death of Blade, Rick tells Ashley that Blade surely had to turn for he died towards the house and not going to the studio. But a police officer tells Ashley that it is impossible Blade has turned around: it would not have had time. Ashley asks questions.

Jill thinks that Mari Jo is hiding information about Rick.

Danny tells Christine that Katherine just give him a letter written by Rex. He had asked Katherine to give it to Danny a year after his death. In the letter, Rex hopes that the former spouse remarry. But Christine sees Rex sorry to disappoint.

Paul tells Drake he knows he lied and advises him to repeat, under penalty of perjury to be imprisoned. Drake is anxious.

Phyllis and Peter go out for dinner. Gina seemed surprised but pleased to see Phyllis in the company of another man.

Sharon feels very lonely since the conviction of Nicholas. So she decides to write him a letter.

Meanwhile in prison, Warton, the new cellmate Nicholas, again threatens the young man. Nicholas dream to find Sharon.


(Carla aka Tweety- About.com summary)




Nick is sitting in his room..when Mr Warden comes in. "Look at what we have here, a reader." "You like to read books Nick." Nick looks up, and replies yes. Mr Warden has collected the mail, he sees that there is a letter for

Nick...when Nick tries to snatch it from him...Mr Warden pulls away. "Give it to me now." Mr Warden laughs..then throws the letter on Nick's bed..and walks away. When he's left, Nick picks it up and starts to read. Its from

Sharon...saying how much she misses him, and why wont Nick allow her to come and visit him. "Nick..I know that you are trying to protect me....but I love you so much...I will never give up on us...never."


Ashley is in her bedroom...shocked at what she is thinking. "Its unbelievable..but its the only thing that makes any sense." Rick walks in..and sees Ashley looking at a picture of herself and Blade. "Ashley, are you still thinking about the police report...dont worry about it...I think the eye witness just got confused." Ashley looks up..and tells Rick she doesnt think so. "Rick...you were the man that was with me that night...werent you."


Jill tells Mary Jo..that if she wants her help..she has to tell her everything. "Mary Jo, if you dont tell me the whole story...I wont be able to help you...now trust me Mary Jo." "Jill..remember when Ashley and Blade came back from their trips months ago...well the man that came back with

Ashley..was not Blade, but Rick. He has been living under your roof as Ashleys husband..playing the part in every way, and yes I mean every way. The man Ashley would make love too..was none other than Rick." Jill is horrified. "What....and you knew about this Mary Jo..and didnt say anything..why the hell not." Mary Jo tells Jill that Rick was blackmailing her. "Dear God..what Ashley will have to go through, I wouldnt wish it on

my worse enemy."


Rick acts shocked..and tells Ashley no. "Dont lie to me Rick, it all makes sense...Blade just left here..and in a few minutes, I receive a phone call that my husband is dead...he could not of been two places at once...tell me the truth Rick..now." Rick looks at Ashley then says YES. "Oh my god..why would you do something so awful like that." Rick smiles wickedly. "Ashley I will tell you why...I did it because I'm in love with you...and you are in love with me." Ashley is more horrified. "I dont love you Rick, its Blade

that I loved." "Ashley, think about it...remember the change in your sex life, how it spiced up for you when you came back from your holiday..that wasnt my dear dead brother, it was me. I made you come alive in the bedroom...I satisfied you in every way...like no other man has." Ashley slaps Rick across the face. "I want you to get out...and get out now Rick." Rick shakes his head. "You dont mean that Ashley..we love each other...I couldnt leave you now." Ashley struggles with all her willpower. "Listen to me, you bastard...I want you to leave town..and leave right now..if I hear that you ever come back...I will have you arrested for fraud..rape..and

everything else that I can think off, and you will rot in hell...now you have your choice...make it." Rick tries one more time to change Ashleys mind..but Ashley yells at him again. "GET OUT OF TOWN RICK NOW..BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND" Rick leaves.


Paul goes to see Victor..and tells him about his meeting with Drake. "Victor...Drake is running scared, its only a matter of time before he breaks...I'm sure about that." Victor tells Paul that they dont have time...his son is rotting in that hell hole." "Paul..do whatever you have too...my son needs to get out."


Christine goes to see Amy. Dr Hemming is there, she tells Christine that Amy will be back soon, then they are going to have a one on one session, and asks if Christine would like to join in. Christine says yes...if Amy doesnt mind. Dr Hemming smiles, and tells Christine that Amy is comfortable around her, except for Victor Newman. "Dr Hemming...you must understand where Mr Newman is coming from..his son is in jail for a crime he did not commit."


After reading the letter..Nick hides it under his pillow...just as Mr Warden comes in. Nick has to go and do some work now...so he leaves his room. Mr Warden pulls the letter out, and starts to read it. "Well...well...well,

seems Nick here has a girlfriend on the outside." Nick walks in, and sees the letter in Mr Warden's hand. "What the hell are you doing." Mr Warden laughs, and tells Nick that nothing is a secret around here from him. As Nick tries to get the letter...Mr Warden pulls away. A fight breaks out,

and Nick and Mr Warden are going for it. Then Nick hits him right in the face...which makes Mr Warden mad. He grabs Nick by the collar...and pushes him on the bed...then takes out a knife, and slashes Nick across the hand. Nick is left bleeding...and in shock.


Amy walks in..and smiles at Dr Hemming, and Christine. Dr Hemming asks Amy to tell Christine about the breakthrough they had last night. Amy tells Christine that she has remembered her full name. Christine turns to Dr Hemming..then at Amy. "Amy thats wonderful...do you think you can remember anything more." Amy says she will try. Soon Dr Hemming and Christine are asking Amy simple questions.


Amy...do you remember where you live.

Amy replies...Yes..in Genoa City.

Amy..do you remember what school you went too.

Amy replies...Yes....I was in a serority

Amy...how about your friends...do you remember any of your friends.

Amy replies...Yes..then mentions Debra

Amy..you had a best friend at one time...do you remember her.

Amy tries really hard to remember..then she turns to Christine, and says yes..Sharon Collins

Amy..thats right. Now Amy do you remember who Sharon was dating.

Amy thinks about that..then turns to Christine with a smile on her face.

Yes..it was Nick..Nick Newman. Then Amy remembers something else. I dated Nick too...yes..I dated Nick. Christine says yes..but that was before Sharon. Then Christine turns to Dr Hemming, who nods at her..then Christine asks Amy one more thing.

Amy...now do you remember who you were dating...after Nick Newman.

Amy is thinking....yes...Matt...Matt Clarke. Suddenly Amy starts to cry. Christine and Dr Hemming look at one another.


Ep. 5,762 Thursday 14th December, 1995




At the prison, is attacked by Nicholas Warton. It is then taken to the infirmary.

Matt Drake beg not to say Paul. Paul is convinced that Drake will soon confessed and told Victor.

Amy made ​​great progress. His memories are becoming more numerous.

Overworked by his work, Neil tells Dru that they must cancel their trip at the end of the year. Olivia looks disappointed but Nathan offers from both with their son.

Mari Jo informed Jill Ashley because it protects Rick would be able to hurt her. She tells him everything she knows about Rick, in particular substitutions Blade. Jill is shocked by the revelation.

Ashley realizes that it is Rick who was with her shortly before the death of Blade. Rick tells him then all his actions, including having substituted Blade after the trip to St. Thomas. Overwhelmed, Ashley ordered Rick to leave town under pain of him imprisoned.


(Carla aka Tweety- About.com summary)




Victor finds out about Nick being beaten up. He goes to see the Warden in the prison. "I want you to do something about this...my son is a classic target in this hell hole..because of who he is..if you dont, then I will promise you that your life will become a living hell...just like my son." The warden is taken aback..and tells Victor that without Nick coming forward..to tell the truth..there really isnt much that he can do. "Nick will not come to you and tell you what happened..because that will make things worse for him...do whatever you have to do to get him away from those scums...if not...I will bring a law suit down on you so fast." The Prison Warden agrees to Victor's terms.

Dr Hemming and Christine are still with Amy. "Amy.....you have remembered alot of things now...but what about Matt, what do you remember about him." Amy thinks, and tells the ladies that Matt was very good to her...because he loved her. This isnt what Christine was hoping for. "Except with Sharon." Christine is stunned.."what do you mean Amy." Amy tells her that Matt was very jealous of Nick and Sharon being together...and he tried everything to break them up. "How do you know this Amy." Amy tells Dr Hemming that Sharon told her about the letter that Matt wrote Nick regarding Sharon having a baby.


Jill and Mary Jo are talking about what this is going to do to Ashley...when Rick walks in. "Well, goodevening ladies." Mary Jo is stunned..."what the hell are you doing here." Rick smiles, and tells them he came to say goodbye. Jill watches him. "My god...Ashley has figured it out...hasnt she." Rick turns to Jill..."I have no idea what you are talking about." Jill shakes her head..."dont play dumb with me...what you have done is inconceivable...you have raped your brothers wife." Again Rick smiles, "it wasnt rape..it was love....Ashley has never had it so good." Both Jill and Mary Jo are horrified. "My god...Mary Jo was right..you simply are evil...I think you better leave..and get the hell out of town, because nobody hurts the people I care about." Rick looks from woman to woman..."I think I might just stick around..and cause some fireworks." Jill says no...if he ever shows his face around here again, she will personally see to it that he pays...and pays a great deal. "Get out of here Rick..while you still can." Rick tells both women goodbye.


Nick is sitting in his bed...writing a letter to Sharon, when warden man walks in. "Well..who we writing to...whats her name..that hot little number...yes...Sharon isnt it." Nick stands up..and tells warden to his face to leave him the hell alone. Warden starts to laugh..but then a prison guard walks in, and tells Warden to pack his bags...he's leaving this cell. Warden is shocked..as Nick is. "I personally arranged to be in this room...I'm not leaving." The guard tells warden he has no choice...the man has to leave, and leave now. Warden takes one look at Nick..and tells him that this is not over yet...its just beginning.


Christine asks Amy what else does she remember. Amy remembers that Matt was sometimes mean when it came to Sharon and Nick. "Amy....do you remember the day you left town." Amy looks up at Christine and says no...I dont remember. Dr Hemming decides that Amy has had enough for one night, and tells Christine that they will try again tomorrow. Christine too agrees...and tells Amy that she will be back. Amy smiles..and tells Christine goodbye.


Ep. 5,763 Friday 14th December, 1995


(Aired Thursday 9th December, 1999 in Perth)

(Aired 2nd August, 2000 on TF1 France)




Ashley realizes that it is Rick who was with her shortly before the death of Blade. Rick tells him then all his actions, including having substituted Blade after the trip to St. Thomas. Overwhelmed, Ashley ordered Rick to leave town under pain of him imprisoned.

Malcolm invites Neil and Drucilla and Olivia and Nathan to his studio. Everyone is happy, but the behavior changes when Drucilla Keesha arrives. Drucilla even decided to go home. Far from the truth, Olivia seems much appreciate Keesha.

Sharon visits Nikki to ask news of Nicholas. Sharon does not like Nikki's attitude towards her.

Victor instructs the warden not to put Warton and Nicholas in the same cell. Shortly after, Warton sees himself obliged to change cell.

Christine Hemming and Dr. Amy manage to wake up many memories.

Gina tells Danny that his wife, Phyllis, seems very close to Peter Garrett. Danny is happy and hopes quickly regain the heart of Cricket. He visits the woman, then with Paul.


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Sharon recieves a letter from Nick. She reads it out loud to her mother. Nick tells Sharon that he misses her, and loves her a great deal...but nothing has changed. He still wants her to find a new life, without him. Nick has given her permission to come and see him in jail. "Mom..Nick is giving up, I have to find some way to keep him going...otherwise I will lose him."

Christine and Paul are having a romantic evening..at Christine's place. While Paul is upstairs in the shower, Danny comes by. "Danny...what are you doing here." Danny asks Christine to give him a few minutes...he needs to talk to her. Christine lets him in. "Christine...I saw the way you responded to me today...I know you still love me....you cant deny that." Christine is stunned. "Danny, I wasnt responding to you...I was remembering a sweet man who I cared about...it just seemed that Rex was still with us...thats all." Danny shakes his head. "No Christine..thats not all...no matter how hard you try to deny it...you still have very deep feelings for me." As Christine is about to respond to him, Paul comes down the stairs in his bathrobe. "Whats going on here." Danny shakes his head, then turns to Christine..."I didnt realise you had company....I should of called first."


Ashley is looking at a photo of Blade. "How could you do this to me." John walks in...and watches his daughter suffering. "Ashley honey...is there anything that I can do to help you." Ashley turns towards her father, and tells him no...she doesnt want to talk about it. "You know honey...I thought by having Blade's twin brother here..would help you...but I guess it hasnt.....I cant believe I never got a chance to say goodbye to him." Ashley again tells her father that she does not want to speak about this...just as Jack is coming down the stairs. John decides to leave her alone..but Jack doesnt. "Ashley..you may not want to talk about this with dad..but something is going on here..and I want to know what that is." Ashley cant take it anymore..she starts to lash out at Jack. "Jack...didnt you hear what I said to dad, I dont want to talk about it...with you or anyone else...now leave me alone." Jill comes inside, just in time to hear Ashley yelling at Jack. "Jack...for god

sakes...leave her alone..and let her grieve the way she wants." Jack looks at both women..then tells Ashley he's here for her anytime, then walks away. Jill tells Ashley that she has some idea of what she's going through, and although they arent really friends..Jill is also there for her.


Paul tells Christine that Danny came to see him in his office..and told him that he intends to fight for her. Christine is stunned...."Is this true Danny." Danny says yes....he has said that all along. "I have two months..until your wedding...and I intend to win you back Christine..and I promise you, that I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you." Christine says no. "Danny, I will always love you in a special way...yes you and I grew up together..and you

taught me about love...but you also taught me about pain, and how not to trust anymore...thats something that I will never ever forgive..or forget. I have a new life now...with someone that makes me very happy...I wont lose it for you."

"Please Danny, I want you to get out of here." Danny looks at Paul, then at Christine. "I wont give up...no matter what." When Danny leaves...Christine apologises to Paul..but Paul tells her not to worry about it, he can handle things, although he is a bit jealous. Christine smiles..and tells Paul that he has nothing to worry about....she's in love with him...and plans to marry him.


Sharon has arrived at the prison...and waits for Nick to be bought in. As soon as Nick is there, the two come together and hug and kiss. Nick tells Sharon how much he has missed her. Sharon is stunned to see Nicks face bruised..and a bandage around his hand. "Nick...whats happened to you." Nick shakes his head..and tells Sharon it was just a little accident. "Sharon..the reason why I let you come and see me today...was because I want you to see what a hell hole this place really is....you have to get on with your life, everyone in here changes because of this place...I dont know what kind of a man I will be...and you cannot waste your life like this." Sharon starts to cry. "Nick please...I love you, and I'm not giving up on us...and either should you...we've come so far....we will get through this together." Nick starts to respond..but Sharon doesnt give him the chance. "Look at what I bought with me, and I have a surprise for you." Sharon pulls out an envelope..and in it contains their marriage certificate, and their blood tests. "Nick...I love you, and I know you love me...I want us to get married...here and now." As Sharon walks out...Nick is stunned...but he is even more stunned..when Sharon walks in with a priest. "Nick please....let us get married...and have a future together."